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Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island, Sydney NSW, Australia

Introduction of Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island is located in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is one of many small islands in Sydney Port (Sydney Harbour), part of Sydney Port National Park (Sydney Harbour National Park).

Cockatoo Island, also known as Nautilus Island, is named after the sunflower Phoenix head parrot, a unique white parrot with yellow feathers and a large size. Cockatoo Island is about 500 meters long and 300 meters wide, covering an area of about 18 hectares.

Cockatoo Island is a World Cultural Heritage site assessed by UNESCO: one of 11 sites in (Australian Convict Sites), an Australian criminal exile site, and another site in Sydney, (Hyde Park Barracks)., Hyde Park Prison site.

Cockatoo Island has a history as long as Sydney's city, an island with bare rocks and towering cliffs. It took more than 300 prisoners 11 years to open mountains and cut stones, creating a look like a cliff in the central part of the island, surrounded by low and flat land, and three tunnels and air-raid shelters under the cliffs of the island. Originally used to transport large machines and components on the island, after the Japanese mini-submarine attacked Sydney Port in 1942, the tunnels also had air defense functions and built a special air-raid shelter. There are still a number of prison facilities in Cockatoo Island: including prison houses, canteens, warders' offices and dormitories, which were used to hold prisoners for secondary crimes from 1839 to 1869, became women's correctional facilities and juvenile correctional institutions in 1869 (where they studied shipping, maritime skills, carpentry and cutting techniques), and became ordinary prison from 1888 to 1909.

Cockatoo Island, once Australia's largest shipyard and naval dock site, built the famous Australian Navy's HMAS AOR-304 oil bomb replenishment ship in 1984 (it was also recently involved in the search for MH370 flights in the Indian Ocean and the 2014 Pacific Rim exercise), while the vampire destroyer (HMAS Vampire), which docked in front of the National Maritime Museum (Australian National Maritime Museum), was also built here. Cockatoo Island now retains a large number of industrial relics: dilapidated factories, abandoned wharf rusty equipment (one of which is 20 stories high and can lift 150t objects).

Now Cockatoo Island is picturesque, located at the heart of Sydney Port, with the most beautiful scenery of Sydney: to the north is Clarkes Point, to the west, to the south of Spectacle Island, to the south of White Horse Point, to the east of Yurulbin Point, to the Sydney Harbour Bridge (Sydney Harbour Bridge) and to Sydney CBD.. Marvel's superhero movie: X-Men's Golden Steel Wolf (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, 2008) was photographed in Cockatoo Island.

You can camp or stay at a sea view resort in Cockatoo Island for the night. This is an excellent scenic spot to set off fireworks in Sydney Port.


  • Ferry from Darling Port (Darling Harbour) or Ring wharf (Circular Quay) can go.


  • Free, but only by boat on the island.

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Australia - New South Wales
Attraction - Beach
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