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Babinda Boulders

Babinda Boulders, Babinda QLD 4861, Australia

Introduction of Babinda Boulders

Babinda Boulders, also known as the Babinda Boulders, is located in the western suburb of the town of Cairns Region in the far north of Queensland, about 60 kilometers from the famous tourist city of Cairns.

Babinda Bouldders, the lush tropical rain forest, is scattered by the stream of granite boulders that are stacked on the bottom of the stream, and the day-to-day erosion of the stream makes the stones smooth and fine, and the clear stream of water is as if it had the same life, a happy one-to-rock jump, a beautiful scene.

Babinda Boulders is a popular natural swimming pool in the south of Cairns. The lake in the green and green jungle is a great place to avoid the heat in the summer. The water is blocked by the stone, and the frothy water is like the bottle of beer that was opened in the summer.

Babinda Boulders is important to the local Yidinji aborigines. According to legend, a beautiful girl named Oolana from the tribe and a respected elder, marry, soon after their union, a handsome young man from another tribe, named Dyga, entered her life, and they quickly fell in love and realized the adultery they had committed. The young lovers fled their tribe and fled into the valley, but the later elders took them, but Oolana struggled to break free and put into what is now known as the Babinda Boulders Creek. In the legend of the aborigines, her spirit still guarded the boulder, and her call for the lost lover could still be heard.


  • Swimming in Babinda Boulders must pay attention to safety, depth of water, water flow and underwater rocks to hide the deadly danger here, where 17 people have been killed since 1959, and the local parliament urges tourists to stay in designated swimming areas to ensure safety.


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Australia - Queensland
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Devil's Pool、恶魔泳池
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