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Wooroonooran National Park

Wooroonooran QLD 4860, Australia

Introduction of Wooroonooran National Park

Located on the northeast coast of Queensland, Wooroonooran National Park is about 100km from the famous resort city of Cairns and covers an area of about 798km2.

Founded in 1991, Wooroonooran National Park is an integral part of UNESCO's World Natural Heritage: Queensland humid Tropics (Wet Tropics of Queensland, 1988).

Wooroonooran National Park covers most of Belendenkel range (Bellenden Ker Range), including the two tallest mountains in Queensland: Mount Ba Teer, (Mount Bartle Frere, 1622 m above sea level, and Mount Belendenkel, (Mount Bellenden Ker, 1592 m above sea level. At the northernmost end of the national park, the (Walshs Pyramid) pyramid of Walsh, south of the town of Gordon Weir (Gordonvale), is one of the world's tallest natural pyramids (a pyramid-like mountain) at 922 meters above sea level.

The Wooroonooran National Park has a huge public area, and most of the area can only be reached by four-drive cars. The National Park consists of Palmerston (Palmerston) and Josephine (Josephine), of which Palmerston is more accessible. Entrances along the highway allow walkers to visit rivers and waterfalls surrounded by dense ancient rainforests, high-rise tabular root trees and small rainforest cycas are representative plants here. Besides, there is a platypus that is rarely seen on weekdays. Here, thick old rainforest surrounded rivers and waterfalls, clear and transparent river water can not help but swim. Visitors can stop at the Crawford's Lookout, overlooking the (North Johnstone River), of the North Johnston River or climbing down the winding steep path to watch the river from close range. You can also camp at Henrietta Creek (Henrietta Creek) and take the platypus discovery trip; or follow the roundabout to South Zhuoya Falls (Nandroya Falls), or walk to (Tchupala) and Worechell Falls (Wallicher)., Chapala Falls.

Josephine Falls (Josephine Falls) is the most famous place in Wooroonooran National Park, surrounded by leafy grape vines and one of Australia's most complex rainforests. Visitors can easily stroll through the dense rainforest for half an hour, arrive at the observatory, enjoy the picturesque layered waterfalls, listen to the loud cries of colorful monarch parrots, or look for towering tree dragons.


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