Name: Vivid Sydney

Loc: Australia - New South Wales - Sydney
Kind: Festival
Rating: 9.5 / 10
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Addr: 2, 88 Cumberland St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Tel: (02) 9931 1111
Fee: Free

Introduction of Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney is a world-class lighting show with high technology and Sydney's world-famous elegant buildings. The Light Music Festival began in 2009 as part of the Intelligent Lighting Festival at the time, when artists and engineers projected colorful lasers on the Sydney Opera House (Sydney Opera House), which has been hosted by, Sydney government every winter since then.

Vivid Sydney is held from late May to early June of each year for about half a month, when the night of the whole Sydney city will be lit up, combined with the acoustooptic effect of high and new technology, showing a very dynamic lighting show. Every year, the main venue of the light show is always the circular wharf (Circular Quay), where the (Museum of Contemporary Art Australia), Sydney Opera House of the Australian Museum of Contemporary Art and the old customs building (Customs House) will present animated projections of their own themes. The steel skeleton of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (Sydney Harbour Bridge) shines with lights, and the cruise ships on the surface of the Sydney Port are also moving lights, reflecting the bridge. Visitors on both sides of the (The Rocks) and Sydney Opera House in the rock area can also see a projection on the wall of the sea view building on the side of the circular wharf, when the open-air bar on the lower floor of the Opera House is crisscrossed and the song and dance rise flat.

The second site should be the famous Darling Port (Darling Harbour), where the program is a music fountain and holographic projection, as well as fireworks at the end, and the roof of the (Australian National Maritime Museum) of the National Ocean Museum will also be turned into a curtain, playing navigation-related animations.

In downtown Martin Square, (Martin Place), Sydney University, (The University of Sydney), World Square, (World Square) and other places, there will also be many visitors can participate in interactive small lighting equipment, making Vivid Sydney more entertaining, every year the lighting show venue is expanding, the variety is increasing. Designers always hope that there will be a more interesting and ornate audio-visual feast for visitors and people living in Australia's No. 1 metropolis. If it happens to be in May-June, don't miss the cool night of Sydney when you visit Sydney, in May-June.

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2019年5月,炫酷动感的悉尼灯光音乐节(Vivid Sydney)又来了,一年只有一次
From May 25 to June 16 this year, the global eye will once again focus on Australia`s biggest event-Sydney Lighting Music Festival (Vivid Sydney), fireworks, lighting, music, creativity will once again create a cool and moving music feast. Bring you a unique shock experience!...
Vivid Sydney迎10周年庆典,新亮点抢先看
"Eucalyptus baby" projection on the Customs Building. (photo No. 9)The Sydney Lights Music Festival, (Vivid Sydney), has come in its 10th year since its inception, Ausa news agency reported. This year is not only the anniversary of vibrant Sydney artists, but also the centenary of (Gumnut Babies) 's......
2018动感悉尼灯光音乐节(Vivid Sydney)将在五月底盛大启幕,附时间表和热点
Sydney's dynamic Sydney Lights Music Festival (Vivid Sydney) is a unique lighting, musical and creative annual event with outdoor lighting and sculpture, "Museum of Art," a trendy contemporary music show. Some of the world's most important creative industry forums, and, of course, the gorgeous light......

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