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In Uru-Catachuta National Park (Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park), tourism activities are rich and colorful-unexpected, there is no time to play-so please arrange plenty of time, please play as much as you can imagine, to enjoy everything here.

In Uru-Catachuta National Park (Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park), tourism activities are rich and colorful-unexpected, there is no time to play-so please arrange plenty of time, please play as much as you can imagine, to enjoy everything here.

A brief introduction to Urumu 

  • Ururu boulders are about 600 million years old-once on the bottom of the sea.
  • Urumu is the largest single boulder in the world and the second largest independent stone mountain. Western Australia`s Augustus Mountain (Mt Augustus) is the world`s largest independent stone mountain.
  • Like icebergs, most of the rock is underground-no one knows how deep it is.
  • Urumu is 348m high-48 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower.
  • Ururu`s red comes from its oxidized iron content.

Here are the five must-see places in Urumu, some of the hottest tourism projects and tips for self-help tours, and the rich and colorful activities that can be carried out in Urumu.

Five places to travel 

Although there are many places to swim in Uru in addition to this huge red rock, the boulder is indeed the brightest star of the red earth galaxy.

1. Urumu (Uluru)

Ururu, also known as Ayers Rock, is a huge stone standing for 600 million years, and has been worship its god thousands of years ago, and has continued to this day. You can choose to see Ururu boulders in a variety of ways, dismounting or riding Segway, taking a helicopter or jumping. The hot summer weather is best to get up early and ending at about 11 a.m. Most tour groups will be arranged at sunrise and sunset, because the color of the boulders will change and is the best time for viewing.

The best way to visit this huge rock is to walk along its bottom for a week. There are a number of walking trails and the view is infinite. The difficulty in walking is from easy to medium, most of which can be used in a wheelchair. The Uluru Mala Walk, the Uluru Mala Walk, has a free local ranger to explain to the visitors about the management of the park, as well as the information about the traditional owner of the land, the ancients. The Kuniya Walk, the Kuniya Walk, is a 45-minute walk, with the end of the Mutijulu waterhole, which can be seen along the way. It is said that the water pool is a water snake`s first-ancestor, Wanampi`s home, and the walker is able to explore its spirit and trace along the way. It takes three and a half hours to walk along the bottom of the boulder for many of the well-known attractions in the Rulu and its surroundings.

two. Valley of the Wind (Catachuta)

Catachuta, also known as Mount Olga, is another natural wonder that attracts many tourists. In the local Anangu language, Catachuta means` long `and consists of towering domes that drive from Urumu for 20 minutes. There are several very good footpaths along which you can appreciate the rich and diverse colors of the dune empire, understand its history and its significance to the indigenous people. Wind Valley Trail for 3 hours, with two viewing platforms, from a number of angles to enjoy the various styles of rock, so that you dizzying. Early morning is the best time to watch local wild animals such as kangaroos.


Valley of the Wind (Catachuta)

3. Walpa Gorge.

In this dry-and-thirsty lateritic center, there are a variety of animals and plants that are unexpected. This is especially true in the Vaua Canyon. Take a stroll to the Vaua Canyon and get a close look at the unique animal and plant style. 1 hour walk, please take sunscreen and drinking water.

4. Kings Canyon and Watarrka National Park

The three hours drive from Ururu, the King`s Canyon, the rock landscape is worth two days.

5. Urumu-Catachuta Cultural Centre (Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre)

In order to understand the meaning of the indigenous peoples and the culture of the ancients, we must not miss the cultural center of the Turku-Kata. The cultural center shows it as the most comprehensive one, and you can also learn that the culture of the aborigines and the land have been in close contact with the ancient to the present.

Stroll through the Wapa Canyon

King`s Canyon

Popular tourism project 

Ayers Rock Direct lift plane sightseeing Tou

No matter what angle, Ururu`s grand rock is unique, but from high altitude overview of the overall view, even more than nothing. The companies that offer helicopter tour include Professional Helicopter Services and Ayers Rock Helicopters, which can choose a variety of routes and value.

A sunrise or sunset trip to Urumu

The color of Urumu rocks changes with the light at sunrise or sunset, and it is the best time to watch. There are a number of companies that provide travel services during this period to take you to the best viewing place to enjoy the wonders of nature. Among them, AAT Kings tourism projects are very popular, in addition, there are some scenic spots can be driven to arrive, the scenery is not inferior.

Tour of the Camel Camel

Although camels are not native animals in Australia, they are naturally integrated with the red earth-and they are tall and steady, making them an ideal means of transportation for people to play with. Camel trips have different tours throughout the day, the most popular of which are sunrise and sunset.

Sunrise and Sunset of the Field of Light

Although the landscape of the clay center is dominated by a long history, the field starlight exhibition created by artist Bruce Monro (Bruce Munro) is also worth visiting. The exhibition is built outdoors and consists of more than 50, 000 solar lamps. It is wonderful and integrated with the natural environment. The exhibition will end in March 2018. Please book it as soon as possible. This time alone, you must not miss it.

Ayers Rock Direct lift plane sightseeing Tou

The original field starlight device show (Bruce Munro). Photo by Mark Pickthall)

Inland cycling tou

Enjoy the scenery of Urumu, not only can ride camels, helicopters, but also ride bicycles easy stroll. Urumu inland bicycle tour allows you to enjoy this boulder from different perspectives in an environmentally friendly way. This way is suitable for both young and old. Economic is cost-effective and can arrange the itinerary freely according to the rhythm that suits you.

Chinese tour group

The professional Chinese director will take you in Chinese to explore Urumu, Emperor Valley and Alice Springs. Whether walking on the famous Mara Trail (Mala Walk) or through the intimate Chinese service and explanation of (Walpa Gorge), in Catachu Tawapa Canyon, it will upgrade your travel experience.?

The exclusive Chinese photography star cluster is also one of the most popular local projects, including hotel shuttle, night trip to the national park, listening to Chinese tour guides interesting interpretation of astronomy, using professional telescopes to enjoy the Australian inland stars without light pollution, and get a free group photo of the stars.

The Voice of Silence Dinne

What is peace and emptiness, come here to know. Under the stars, look at Urumu boulders, enjoy the silent sound dinner of the Ells Rock Resort, taste the ultimate delicacies, this experience will be unforgettable for the rest of your life.

Inland cycling tou

The Voice of Silence Dinne

Introduction to self-help tou 

If you have already played Urumu, but want to go somewhere else to see, then self-driving is the best way. As long as your time permits, there are a variety of itineraries to go to King Canyon, Curtin Springs (Curtin Springs) and Alice Springs (Alice Springs).

The king`s canyon drives itself.

It takes three hours to drive from Urumu to King Canyon, so it should be kept for at least one night. Stroll in the towering cliffs and deep canyons, from different angles to appreciate the canyon`s demeanor, the magnificent scenery is amazing. Walking along the trail on the edge of King`s Canyon for three hours, you can see a variety of views.

Kings Canyon Resort is known for its comfortable environment and high-quality food, and a 30-minute walk from the hotel to the Kings Creek Station, which is also in operation, allowing visitors to know about the life of the lateritic center. The weather in the whole year is good, so there is no so-called `best travel time & # 39; the only thing to make sure is to have enough time to visit all the sights!

During long-distance driving in the Northern Territory, it is important to remember to top up the oil and to have enough drinking water. The King`s Valley is a popular tourist attraction and we recommend booking in advance.

Curtin Springs

Driving from Urumu for an hour and a half is Curtin Springs, a private cattle farm covering more than 1 million acres. The beef produced here is of excellent quality and is famous in Australia. There are a lot of places to swim in Curtin Springs, not just a short stop. There are various types of accommodation-including free unexposed areas and comfortable hotel rooms.

Cottingquan also holds lectures at local paper mills to show visitors how to make paper entirely from Australian inland plants and grass. There is also a huge single stone mountain, Mount Conner, the top of (Mount Conner), flat as if it had been cut off with a knife. There are all kinds of hiking walkways in and around the cattle farm in and around Cottingquan, along which you can enjoy the scenery of Salt Lake and Donna Mountain, and fully appreciate the boundless expanse of this place. When the moon is full, the night stroll under the starlight is also a very popular project.

The king`s canyon drives itself.


Travel instructions 

Best travel time: the weather is sunny and the climate is dry all year round. On average, only five days a year are cloudy. And Rain Water along the surface of Urumu boulder is also a unique scenery, so do not worry about when the best.

Transportation: Most of Australia`s major cities are in communication with Alice Springs and Salu, with frequent shifts. It takes about four and a half hours to drive to Alice Springs from Milu. From the south of Darwin, or from the north of South Australia, Stuart Highway can also get here, but it`s far away and needs to spend the night along the way.

Take a look around: to fully appreciate the demeanor here, you must drive or join a tour group.

Admission and Permits:Tickets are required for access to the Urukata National Park and the land to visit the indigenous people. Please check out details on the Park Australia website in advance. Some camps need to buy a camp permit.

Plan ahead: there are a variety of scenic spots in the clay center, so we recommend that you play on your own. Nevertheless, the benefits of planning ahead of time should not be underestimated. For example, check with the local government department in advance to see if you need a license, especially for camping, and make sure that the map you use is the latest version. Urumu is a very popular tourist area, so please book accommodation and team tours in advance.

Safety: red soil Center is a very safe place to travel. However, some precautions are also essential. When driving, be sure to bring enough water and gasoline, and we suggest you bring communication tools such as satellite phones.

Where to go next: although Urumu is the brightest star on the red carpet in the red earth center, there is much more to the Northern Territory than that. Some of the world`s most unique attractions are not far from here. Alice Springs and McDonnell (MacDonnell Ranges) are only four and a half hours` drive from here. The unique and magnificent King Canyon is only three hours` drive from Urumu.

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