Take stock of Australia's best dive sites

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Author: Ashlea Wheeler The Great Barrier Reef attracts diving enthusiasts around the world. Not surprisingly, coral reefs are littered with brightly colored coral and some spectacular marine life. But you know what? Australia's dive sites aren't the only ones of the world's natural wonders, with almost every state and territory in the country having a place to dive. From spectacular coral reefs to...

Author: Ashlea Wheeler

The Great Barrier Reef attracts diving enthusiasts around the world. Not surprisingly, coral reefs are littered with brightly colored coral and some spectacular marine life. But you know what? Australia`s dive sites aren`t the only ones of the world`s natural wonders, with almost every state and territory in the country having a place to dive. From spectacular coral reefs to faux shipwrecks, here are some of Australia`s recommended dive sites.

Best dive location in Queensland 

Take stock of Australia's best dive sites

Grand Barrier Reef, Queensland," Yang Gala "wreck (Yungala Shipwreck)

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a dive site in Australia. The reefs and islands are connected to each other, stretching for 2,300 kilometers, with plenty of dive sites. You can enter the one-of-a-kind Outer Barrier Reef in Cairns or Port Douglas on a cruise ship from the ProDive Cairns that provides boat-hosting diving services. At the Southern Barrier Reef, there are more than 20 dive sites to choose from near the Heron Island, all of which are rich in tropical fish and coral. At Lady Elliot Island, you can swim with manta rays, and to give visitors a natural view of the coral reefs, almost all the resorts on Whitsundays (Whitsundays) offer a dive tour. Choose your favorite destination and enjoy a fun dive on the Great Barrier Reef.

"Yang Gala" Wreck

What you probably don`t know is that on the coast of Queensland, diving enthusiasts can enjoy more than coral reefs. In Townsville, you can experience an exciting dive at the sinking of the Youngala. The steamer sank by a tornado in 1911 and sank 14 to 28 metres underwater, with much of the wreckage still intact until it was discovered in 1958. Since then, it has attracted a large number of divers. Yongala Dive`s one-day tour allows you to go under the water twice to explore this historic underwater relic.

The sunken ship

A sunken ship is another good place to explore the sunken ship. The long chain of shipwrecks, located not far off the coast of Moreton Island, sank artificially into the sea in 1963 to create a safe mooring for ships. You can book dive sightseeing services and rent diving equipment via the Tangaloma Island Resort, which is just an hour away from downtown Brisbane.

Best dive location in Western Australia 

Take stock of Australia's best dive sites

Christmas Island, scuba diving

Ninggalo Coral Reef

As the second largest coral reef in Australia, Ningaloo Marine Park is on the coast of Western Australia. The reef here offers divers a unique opportunity to swim with whale sharks passing through the area between March and August each year. Interested divers can follow Dive Ningaloo,

Daily snorkeling tour from Exmouth.

[地名] [澳大利亚] Rowley Shoals

If you want a unique dive experience, then this is the ideal place to go. Rowley Shoals is a three-ring coral reef about 300km off the coast of Western Australia. Divers who think of these remote, pristine reefs have to go from Broome to charter cruises, which typically take four to eight days.

Christmas Island

Christmas Island is very far from the coast of Western Australia and, although remote, has some of Australia`s most stunning dive sites. The island is on the edge of the Java trench (the deepest part of the Indian Ocean) and is surrounded by coral reefs, meaning you can take a wetn Dry Adventures, a short trip from the coast to see the world`s longest undersea steep slope.

Best dive location in South Australia 

Take stock of Australia's best dive sites

Shark dives on Neptune Island, South Australia

[地名] [澳大利亚] Port Lincoln

If you`re adventurous, diving in a cage and having a great white shark around will certainly make you feel exciting. Port Lincoln is the only place in Australia where you can experience this unique diving experience, arriving in just 50 minutes by plane from Adelaide. The one-day tour offered by Adventure Bay Charters will take you to Neptune Islands to see these ferocious creatures at close range in your natural environment. Operators attract sharks with bait or sound, swimming around metal cages.

[人名] Grell

Glenelg, in the Adelaide suburb, offers a variety of diving options for diving novices and masters. When diving in shallow water, you can swim from the shore to the trestle, where there are a variety of marine life, including sea slugs, crabs and starfish. If you want to dive deeper, you can take part in the Adelaide Scuba Diving (Adelaide Scuba), head to the Glenelg Dredge and Glenelg Barge shipwrecks, or visit the Greer Wheel Reef, the fish breeding ground that was founded in 1983.

Best dive location in NSW 

Shirley Beach

Manly Town is one of Sydney`s most popular coastal suburbs, and this coastal dive point is very close to Manly. Shelly Beach has maze-like boulders, and the seagrass grows and grows, very beautifully, and the nearby green fairyland dive spot is another popular spot where eels and rays are often seen. If you are lucky, you can even see an octopus or a blue whale. You can go on your own or follow the Dive Centre Manly

To explore.


The range of rocky islands is located off the coast of Coffs Harbour (from Sydney to the north, it takes a short flight or less than six hours to drive). In the Island, you can find many suitable dive sites, but South Island is the most popular of the nine. Other recommended dive sites include Manta Arch (Manta Arch, which often has more than 30 sandconical teeth sharks prowling around), or the gantry (The Gantry, where the wreck of the collapsed crane, which was used to load and unload cargo onto the island). Just book a half-day trip with JettyDive to easily reach the island from the coast.

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island allows only 400 visitors to the island at a time, so it`s almost guaranteed that you can get a pretty comfortable dive experience at all the diving sites here. The rugged rock formations on the Balls Pyramid, a popular spot for divers, are accessible by boat from the ProDive Lord Howe Island. Here, you can explore caves full of rocky columns and reefs that have deep-sea Barina angelfish in them, usually only more than 100 metres deep.

Best dive location in Victoria 

Take stock of Australia's best dive sites

Port West wharf (Portsea Pier), Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Port West wharf

Victoria has several perfectly suited wharfs, of which Portsea is one of the best. You can climb on the shore or along the wharf ladder, and it`s easy to get on this trestle on the Millington Peninsula, where you can see sea dragons and seahorses that look like seaweed, which is also known for that. Other good dive sites include: Blairgowrie Pier, Leywharf, Flinders Pier.

Philip Bay

Port Phillip Bay has many attractive dive sites, including more than 50 wrecks, four WWI subs and a 136m-long guided-missile destroyer. From Port West or Queenscliff aboard the Red Boats, you can see some of the sunken ships hidden under the waters of the bay.

Best dive site in Tasmania 

Take stock of Australia's best dive sites

Tasmania, Tasman Peninsula


Bicheno, with nearly 20 local dive sites, is one of the best in Tasmania. The waters are temperate and may have less visibility than Australia`s tropical waters, but there are more plankton, which means there will be a lot of marine life around.

[地名] [澳大利亚] Tasman Pen.

The Tasman Peninsula is famous for its huge sea dogs. If you want to observe them in the natural habitat of these naughty creatures, sign up for scuba diving with sea dogs through Eaglehawk Dive. There are also giant seaweed forests, underwater caves and deep-water sponge gardens in the area.

Best Diving Site in the Northern Territory 

Take stock of Australia's best dive sites

Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory

[地名] [澳大利亚] Port Darwin

There are more than 90 shipwrecks in Darwin Harbor, many of which sank during the bombing of Darwin during World War II. You`re not allowed to dive into shipwrecks at all times because of the tide and the impact of the sea clearance, but when conditions permit, you can tour the sunken vessels of Mauna Loa, USS Peary, Zealandia or Catalina 4 via SeaDarwin Travel.

[地名] [澳大利亚] Vernon Is.

If you want to experience the feeling of diving into the undersea limestone pit, try it at Vernon Islands. On a two-hour voyage from Darwin to the Vernon Islands aboard the Sea Darwin Company, you can see the steep coral cliffs that reach deep into the sea and roam with the rays and turtles that live in these limestone pits.

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