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Cape Patton Lookout Point

4825 Great Ocean Rd, Wongarra VIC 3234, Australia

Introduction of Cape Patton Lookout Point

Located on Victoria's famous (Great Ocean Road) Ocean Road, Cape Patton Lookout Point is an excellent viewing platform.

Along the way, there are many scenic viewing platforms, Cape Patton Lookout Point is one of the larger, but also a well-known one, a lot of tourists have left beautiful photos here. The so-called landscape platform is actually a roadside construction of a protruding parking space, about 80 meters above sea level, the coastline is magnificent, the foot of the rough sea.

Cape Patton Lookout Point, in the middle of the towns of Ron (Lorne) and Apollo Bay (Apollo Bay), is about 28 kilometers away from Ron and about 20 kilometers from Apollo. There will be signs on the side of the road as it approaches, so be careful not to miss it.

Cape Patton Lookout Point's location is believed to be the western end of the first phase of the Ocean Road project, built by veterans after World War I. There are lots of rocks at the viewing platform. There have been many accidents of shipwrecks in the sea area. An unconfirmed anecdote is that when the ocean road was built, there were boats stranded here, and 500 barrels of wine on board could not be shipped out. The boatmen gave them to the workers who built the road near here, and the workers drank so much that they were completely unable to work, and the project was shut down for two weeks.


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