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Kennett River

Kennett River VIC 3234, Australia

Introduction of Kennett River

Kennett River is located in Victoria's famous Oceanic Road, (Great Ocean Road), in the middle of the towns of Ron (Lorne) and Apollo (Apollo Bay).

Kennett River is the name of a small river that flows from west to east into (Bass Strait) in the Bath Channel, and is also the name of a small town at the mouth of the sea, which is very small and has a permanent population of less than 100 people. There is a small coffee shop called koala coffee (Cafe Koala) and a RV park in town.

Whether it's a river or a small town, Kennett River is not in any particular place to be full of surprises, and the reason for it is that it's the home of a lot of wild koalas, and in the eucalyptus forest near the Kennett River, especially the Grey River Road, It's easy to see a lot of colahs hanging in the big tree, whether it's slowly driving or stopping the walk along the river bank, it's a good experience, and good luck can see the slow-engulking the road; At the same time, the parrots here are also attractive, not only of people, but also to the people to ask for food, if they have food, they will stop on the hands of the people, it is very interesting, but pay attention to the clothes and hats of the thick point so as not to be pecked by them, You can buy some seeds in the town's coffee shop to feed them.


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