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Boroka Lookout

Mt Difficult Rd, Halls Gap VIC 3381, Australia

Introduction of Boroka Lookout

Boroka Lookout is one of the most famous viewing platforms in Granping National Park, located in the inland region of central Victoria.

Boroka Lookout is located on the cliff on the easternmost side of Gangping National Park. After entering Gangping National Park from Halls Gap, the main distribution center of Granping National Park, it winds about 16 kilometers along Panshan Highway, called difficult Road (Mt Difficult Rd), to the parking lot of Boroka Lookout, with a screen-like mountain on one side, with a simple toilet on the other, and two viewing platforms on the other. All facing the east, there are iron railings to ensure safety. The observation platform on the left side has only 180 degrees of view, and the space is relatively large, while the observation platform on the right side is a small polygons slightly explored, with a view of nearly 300 degrees, but the place is smaller, but the field of vision is better. Because it is facing the sunrise direction, it is considered by many people to be the most suitable place to watch the sunrise.

Looking at Boroka Lookout, Yunchuxiawei, towering mountains but gentle lines, put Buddha like two Azure Dragon swimming, Holsgate and Belfield Lake (Lake Bellfield) jumped into view, surrounded by valleys and undulating trees, forming a beautiful natural landscape, when they met it, no one was immediately shocked by its beauty. If you are brave enough to be afraid of height, you can even sit on a cliff and take a few photo pictures, provided that you pay attention to safety.

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