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Bunjil's Shelter

Bunjils Cave Rd, Black Range VIC 3381, Australia

Introduction of Bunjil's Shelter

Bunjil's Shelter (Bunjil's Shelter) is located in the interior of central Victoria, about 32 km west from Halls Gap, the gateway and main hub of Grand Pin National Park, and about 10 km from Stavi (Stawell) to the north.

Bunjil's Shelter is not located in (Grampians National Park), but in (Black Range Scenic Reserve), a black range scenic reserve on the eastern side of the park.

Most of Victoria's indigenous sites are located around the Grand Pin National Park, with which the indigenous tribes have been associated for more than 22000 years. They call it Garrivide (Gariwerd),. Bunjil's Shelter is the most important and well-known of the many aboriginal cultural sites around it.

According to aboriginal legend, creator Bangul (Bunjil) created everything people saw: land, water, trees, plants and animals. The indigenous inhabitants of Bunjil's Shelter, have left precious historic sites on the rock walls, the legendary Bangul painted on a large rock with his two Australian wild dogs, and the murals of the Nagamagidi deities dancing with white characters. The murals are now enclosed in a large metal cage and can only be seen from afar to protect them from damage.


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