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Kingfisher Bay Resort

Kingfisher Bay, Fraser Island QLD 4581, Australia

Introduction of Kingfisher Bay Resort

(Fraser Island, Queensland) located on the east coast of Australia, north of Brisbane, Queensland, about 400km from Brisbane and covering an area of 1620 square kilometers, is the largest sand island in the world and was listed on the World Heritage list in 1992.

Located on the west side of Fraser Island, Kingfisher Bay Resort is the best-known luxury resort on Fraser Island, built in 1992 and covering 65 hectares. Kingfisher Bay Resort is not only the highest-ranking hotel on Fraser Island (four-star), named after its beautiful kingfisher. Australia is also a unique in the world natural heritage landscape, with such a size and quality of ecotourism hotel.

Kingfisher Bay Resort has 152 rooms and 109 jungle villas. From the design of shape to the process of construction and construction, to the operation and operation, it is to adhere to the green environmental protection concept of "protecting environment, saving energy and reducing waste". Its completion, is not only an outstanding example of environmental protection enterprises, but also set an international standard for environmental architectural design. To date, the resort has received nearly 100 awards, many of which are among the highest honorary awards in the construction industry, including the Royal Institute of Architects Medal of the Royal Institute of Architects (Royal Institute of Architects). The architect, Billy Bailey, himself, won the famous local F.D.G. The Stanley Award is Queensland's Best Architectural Design Award, which is also the highest honor in Queensland architectural design. Since the resort opened, it has also enjoyed numerous tourism awards in Australia and Queensland. Also by the world's famous tourism program "Discovery Channel" as the best beach resort.

Kingfisher Bay Resort fully reflects the nature of the Australian architecture style. The building is up to two floors high to ensure that it does not exceed the height of the surrounding trees and uses a grass-green corrugated iron roof that cleverly blends with the surrounding natural forests. The roof of the main building is modelled on the undulating sand dune arc design, and the use of local log materials, full of fashion, but also closely echoes the theme of sand island; Lobby staircase design, adding a sense of spacious space, but also to ensure the natural circulation of air without the need to use air conditioning; The resort rooms built on sand, in order to avoid blocking the flow of sand, have adopted the most Queensland style of tall-footed house design, not only to enhance the natural light of the room, but also to add the natural landscape of the room. Each room has a different view of the sea, lake and rainforest. The hotel area is connected by a long plank trestle so that you can walk to the rain forest and lake at any time without harming the surrounding plants.

Excellent design, Australian style, Queensland characteristics, Fraser Island personality blend interpretation, in Kingfisher Bay Resort play incisively and vividly.

Kingfisher Bay Resort landscape plants, all from the sand island plants. During the construction of the hotel, the original one hundred and fifty thousand plants were temporarily transferred to the plantation. After the hotel was completed, it moved back here. In this way, the survival rate of plants can be guaranteed and the species of plants on sand island will not be destroyed. Through planting, grafting or transplanting, the resort plants have reached 160 different varieties.

All of Kingfisher Bay Resort's outdoor lighting systems are energy efficient and electronically sensitive, while in-room lighting is controlled by keycard switches, saving eight hundred and fifty thousand kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. Windows and bathrooms without curtains are an elaborate masterpiece of energy conservation and enjoyment. In a safe environment that uses natural light and is not disturbed, the plants and birds outside the window are clearly visible, making you feel as if you were bathing with them in the rainforest. This unique experience, I believe only here in the resort will have the chance to get.

Drinking water in Kingfisher Bay Resort is groundwater from sand islands. These after decades of purification of rain dew spring, let tourists appreciate the sweetness never before. Rain Water's collection uses dripping systems instead of gutters or channels so that aquatic animals have a better habitat. Garbage collection, in addition to cartons, beverage cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, waste water, waste paper and kitchen scraps, will also be centrally recycled and sent to the hotel's vanilla plantation for fertilizer. In the restaurant of the resort, the herbs cooked every day were all grown from the vanilla garden.

The restaurant options in Kingfisher Bay Resort include a casual sandbar restaurant, a Mahino restaurant with regular buffet services, and a stylish mix of Shibel restaurants. Heber's well-known seafood and meat ingredients from Hauve Bay, coupled with the indigenous traditional vanilla ingredients on Fraser Island and the creative cooking style of first-class cooks, bring you a new and unique taste bud.

The aborigines of Australia are a people without farming and farming traditions, and all they live is from nature, including ingredients and ingredients. Natural organic is the characteristic of their diet culture. And Shibel's chef, while preserving the natural health of the characteristics, with superb cooking, traditional indigenous food, interpretation of the fashionable taste. No wonder Shibel won the best restaurant award for Fesha Coast Tourism for two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011. If you have the opportunity, don't miss out at the Shibel restaurant for a stylish indigenous seafood and game meal.

Kingfisher Resort is not only a resort hotel, but also a spokesman for Freitzer Island. Many of the resort's hotel areas, trails and restaurants are named after the sights and plants of Freitzer Island, such as Mahino and Shibel restaurants, named after the shipwreck that settled on Fraser Island, bars named after Dingdog, Hotel villas named after the island plants, Australian satin trees, Ludou trees, Bankwood trees, walkways named after the Great Straits and Captain William Edmson, and so on. The swimming pool in the resort is modelled on the shape of the white sand lake.

With more than 20 eco-tour guides, the resort is the private sector with the largest number of eco-guides in Australia. Through different activities, they show tourists the charm of sand island, but also reflect the significance, value and responsibility of environmental protection. Over the decades, it has proved the success of the resort, not only has it welcomed countless tourists from all over the world, but also hosted a number of celebrities, including Britain's Prince Charles, and so on.

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