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Lake Wabby

Lake Wabby, Fraser Island QLD 4581, Australia

Introduction of Lake Wabby

(Fraser Island, Queensland) located on the east coast of Australia, north of Brisbane, Queensland, about 400km from Brisbane and covering an area of 1620 square kilometers, is the largest sand island in the world and was listed on the World Heritage list in 1992.

Lake Wabby is one of the many lakes on the island, which is a crescent, quiet and elegant freshwater lake with an average depth of 12 meters, the deepest lake on Freitzer Island. Lake Wabby is a crescent-shaped lake, not very large, but extremely beautiful in shape. As a result of being blocked by the sand dunes, in addition to the shape of the, Lake Wabby turquoise lake is also the biggest bright spot, the color of the blue orange lake and the white sand dunes around the lake are perfectly combined, from different angles and distance to appreciate the words, The color of the lake will also have different changes, in terms of beauty can not be overdescribed.

Frieze Island, also known as "window Lake" and "Weir Lake", forms a window lake when the lake's horizontal level is above the ground; but when sand stops the stream from pouring into it, it forms a Weir Lake, which is easily observed in Lake Wabby.

The other lakes on Frey Island generally do not have fish, but Lake Wabby lives in a variety of fish stocks. On one side of Lake Wabby, close to a sand dune blowing towards the lake, deep green lake water is blocked by the huge sand dunes that slowly move into the lake, and the beautiful lake is likely to be filled with sand dunes in the near future.


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Australia - Queensland
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