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Central Station Camping Area

Central station Camping Area, Fraser Island QLD 4581, Australia

Introduction of Central Station Camping Area

(Fraser Island, Queensland) located on the east coast of Australia, north of Brisbane, Queensland, about 400km from Brisbane and covering an area of 1620 square kilometers, is the largest sand island in the world and was listed on the World Heritage list in 1992.

Only on Fraser Island will the world see the spectacle of the vast rainforest in the sand, rich in moisture, sunshine and nutrients, so that trees can grow tenaciously in the sand. Central Station Camping Area is located in the center of Fraser Island, formerly a logging area. In 1863, an American named Jack Pigot (Jack Piggot) started logging on Fraser Island until December 1991. When Fraser Island was listed as a World Heritage site, the logging industry came to an end. Now, the central station has been transformed into an interpretation center and a camping site, and some old houses where woodcutters live are still there. Here visitors can enter Jinghe Creek (Wanggoolba Creek), Creek through a footpath to the transparent bottom, quietly through the rainforest, from the center of the island to the West Coast. Walk easily into the creek area along the wooden path and take a stroll to see the sandy rain forest on both sides of the stream.


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Australia - Queensland
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