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Wangi Falls

Wangi Falls, Wangi Falls Road, Litchfield National Park, Litchfield Park Rd, Batchelor NT 0845, Australia

Introduction of Wangi Falls

Located on the western border of the Richfield National Park (Litchfield National Park) in the northern part of the Northern Territory, the Wangi Falls is the most popular attraction in the (Litchfield National Park) of Lichfield National Park, which is accessible by ordinary second-drive cars.

Visitors can sit on the wide lawn of the carefully trimmed picnic area and watch the two waterfalls pour down the cliffs and fall into the deep pools below. The pool is surrounded by lush monsoon rainforests, where the water is very clean and clear, you can see the bottom of the water, and often small fish come to "bite" you, tourists can enjoy swimming in the pool water, and there are kiosks nearby. Camping grounds with hot shower and barbecue facilities. The waterfall has a wide variety of walkways, and the waterfall's swimming facilities are regularly closed to visitors, especially during the hot summer months from January to March, as the water in the pool can be heavy and dangerous. But fast-flowing waterfalls are perfect for taking pictures.


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Australia - Northern Territory
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