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Termite Mounds

Litchfield Park NT 0822, Australia

Introduction of Termite Mounds

In the wilderness of the Northern Territory, you can often see a number of Termite Mounds, ranging from two meters to four meters tall, called magnetic Termite Mounds (Magnetic Termite Mounds), four meters tall, called the cathedral Termite Mounds (Cathedral Termite Mounds),. The Richfield National Park (Litchfield National Park), in the north of the Northern Territory, is the perfect place to see both samples at the same time.

The ingenious Termite Mounds, which has been strolling around Termite Mounds for a hundred years, must marvel at the giant magnetic compass in front of its eyes, the narrow east-west width of the north and south, an arrangement that minimizes exposure to the sun. To ensure that the magnetic termites are cool enough in the interior, there is an information center near the spectacular church of Termite Mounds, where visitors can learn more about the unusual animal and its habitat through more unknown stories.

About 17 kilometers from the eastern border of Richfield National Park, it is the first major Termite Mounds, to be built in the northern part of the park, with boardwalk leading to the scenic spot. Follow the plank path and approach the two-meter-high magnetic Termite Mounds, and the spectacular cathedral Termite Mounds. up to four metres high


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Australia - Northern Territory
Attraction - Natural
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