Name: Lucky Bay

Loc: Australia - Western Australia - Esperance
Kind: Attraction - Beach
Rating: 10.0 / 10
Hot: 3.0 / 5     What is Hot Index?
Addr: Lucky Bay, Western Australia, Australia
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Introduction of Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay (Lucky Bay, is located in (Cape Le Grand National Park), a great sea corner national park on the eastern outskirts of Esperance, known as the "most beautiful coastline of Australia", about 60 kilometers from Esperance.

Lucky Bay, located on the southern coast, is Esperance's best-known beach, and has been named Australia's best beach several times. "the most beautiful beach", "paradise", "incredible", all the people who have been there have generously given these comments.

Lucky Bay stretch for 5 kilometers, famous for its white beaches, clear water, and friendly kangaroos on the beaches. Every day cute kangaroos appear on the beach, lying lazily in the sun on the beach, others taking the initiative to get close to humans and pray for food. Surfing, swimming, diving, sailing, omnipotence, and even driving around the beach in Lucky Bay, Lucky Bay is also a well-known fishing place, camping tourists can also find a suitable camping place in Lucky Bay, the park has a simple camping spot with kitchen and bathroom, so that tourists can enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the park during the day and night.

Ticket information:

  • Sea Corner National Park ticket: 12 Australian yuan / car (up to 8 people), no one sells tickets, should consciously fill in the information according to the requirements at the gate, can cash or credit card transfer, put the registered envelope into the collection bucket, remember to put the stub in the front windshield of the car.

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Hotels near Lucky Bay

Esperance Chalet Village
From: 180.0 AUD
Distance: 33.9 km
The Jetty Resort
From: 121.0 AUD
Distance: 34.6 km
Esperance Beachfront Resort
From: 115.0 to 150.0 AUD
Distance: 34.7 km
Beach House Apartments
From: 175.0 AUD
Distance: 34.7 km
Esperance Bay Holiday Park
From: 120.0 AUD
Distance: 34.7 km
Yot Spot Apartments
From: 150.0 AUD
Distance: 34.7 km
Comfort Inn Bay of Isles
From: 122.5 AUD
Distance: 34.7 km
Ocean Beach Holiday Units
From: 160.0 AUD
Distance: 34.7 km

Reviews of Lucky Bay

我们上次是从阿德莱德去珀斯的游轮,中途停靠Espearnce一整个白天,租了辆车去的Lucky Bay,确实很美,不过很可惜没见到袋鼠,它们应该是傍晚或晚上出动的
来澳洲几年,对大大小小海滩已经审美疲劳后,lucky bay再次惊艳了我们,太美了,还有袋鼠!让别的海滩怎么活!唯一的问题就是位置偏了点,无论从珀斯还是阿德莱德都离得好好好远,不过这也是lucky bay能保存的如此原始的原因吧,否则早被人群踩爆了。。。

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