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Cape Le Grand Beach

Cape Le Grand Beach, Cape Le Grand WA 6450, Australia

Introduction of Cape Le Grand Beach

Cape Le Grand Beach is located in (Cape Le Grand National Park), Cape Sea National Park on the eastern outskirts of Esperance, the South Coast seaport city of Western Australia, which is known as Australia's most beautiful coastline. It is about 55 kilometers from Esperance. About 12 kilometers by car from (Lucky Bay), the most famous lucky bay in Cape Sea National Park.

You can drive a four-wheel-drive to Shanghai Beach at Cape Le Grand Beach, from which you can drive all the way down the beach to Willy Bay (Wiley Bay), near Esperance, about 22 kilometers long.

Like the other beaches in Cape Sea National Park, Cape Le Grand Beach is beautiful, with clear blue water and snow-like sand beaches, but it is more stormy than the other beaches in the National Park. This is relatively unsuitable for swimming, the beach has a camping site, camping needs to be booked in advance.


  • Tickets to Cape Sea National Park: 12 Australian dollars per car (up to 8 people), unsold tickets, you need to consciously fill in the information at the gate according to the requirements, can transfer cash or credit cards, and put the registered envelopes in the collection bucket. Remember to put the stub in the front windshield of the car.

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Australia - Western Australia
Attraction - Beach
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