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Chilli Panda

Suite 2/137 Newcastle St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Introduction of Chilli Panda

Chilli Panda, located in the city of Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is a Chinese restaurant specializing in Hunan cuisine.

Chilli Panda is considered to be the most authentic Hunan restaurant in Perth. The restaurant's English name Chilli Panda is translated as "chili panda". Chili is not only synonymous with "Qili", but also points out the spicy features of Hunan cuisine. The mind is not only in the name, but also reflected in the careless decoration on which, Chilli Panda has won the 2016 Best Design Award for Western Australian Restaurant, which is different from the greasy and crowded environment of the general spicy restaurant. The decoration here is simple and bright, the light and clean color match, the bold and leaky open bright display is not only not abrupt, but also appears very modern, the sky blue desktop and the green vegetation also make people feel pleasing to the eye. From time to time, the open kitchen floats with the explosive smell of all kinds of chili peppers, which is simply a paradise for spicy people.

Chilli Panda dishes take the traditional delicious route, in the opening that will generally be spicy people drink water, shopkeeper also tailored to local conditions to Hunan food to reduce a few spicy degrees, but if you really think they can eat spicy, do not forget to tell the waiter to make you satisfied with the spicy oh.

Comments on some specialty dishes:

  • Sour and spicy auricularia auricula: not only refreshing but also very appetizer;
  • Hunan small fried meat: can be regarded as Hunan cuisine in the characteristics of famous dishes, whether in restaurants and home dishes occupy a place, pig front leg meat, green pepper and garlic as the main ingredients, spicy and refreshing, is a good dish for dinner and wine;
  • Cumin ribs: the ribs are fried and crispy and fried into a beautiful sauce color. The flavor of onion and garlic is already very rich. After adding cumin powder and onion shredded flavor, the aroma becomes more offensive.
  • Secret dry pot Fried Shrimps in Hot Spicy Sauce: just seeing this color makes people have a big appetite, not to mention the prawns in the dry pot are really full of weight;
  • Cabbage bowl:It is a very authentic Hunan flavor dish, which is the small dish after the water. The ribs in this dish are still the main material, and all are made of them;The taste is not so hot, the red fresh pepper has made a good ornamental effect, the meat elements are matched, the small fertilization is not greasy, in the pot bowl the feeling of nourishing is very subtle;
  • Dry pot flavor chicken: fresh chicken is cut into small pieces of seasoning and chili fried, served on the table has always exuded a strong flavor, each piece of chicken is very elastic, small flavor; the degree of salty and spicy is just right, you can eat dry can eat;
  • Fried beef with dried pepper: Hunan roast beef is a famous delicacy far and near. Most of the authentic Hunan beef uses yellow beef. It is not only in the selection of materials, but also in shaving, cooking, baking and other aspects of special fastidious, so Hunan roast beef is salty and fragrant. One of the highlights of Chilli Panda's fried beef with dried peppers is its own pickled Hunan beef, with fragrant dried peppers, which makes it more exciting to have chili peppers in its salty beef.
  • Pepper:Very Q bomb, the squid rolls are really beautiful, as if a small white flower bone to be placed, with soy pepper, dried Ginger, scallion, etc., eat delicious;
  • Hometown pot meat:This kind of private dish with the five flowers meat as the main material appears in the eight major vegetable lines, and this Hunan's pot meat is cooked with slow fire in the magnetic jar, so it is called``pot meat'' , such five flower meat, as long as the raw material is well selected, and careful cooking, naturally is naturally rich in form, fat, not greasy, strong in color;
  • Braised brisket powder: Hunan flour cover rice package is also a major feature of Chilli Panda series, except Friday and Saturday night is not served, any other business hours can come here to eat, very suitable for friends who like a quick and simple lunch or dinner.

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Australia - Western Australia
Food - Chinese Restaurant
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