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Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Introduction of Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower, also known as anputa (AMP Tower), is located in the center Sydney the capital of new south wales. it is the tallest building in the central business district, with a height of 304.8 meters, and is also the second tallest building in australia, second only to Gold Coast Q1 building (Q1Gold Coast).

Sydney Tower was built in 1968 and completed in 1981. Together with the Sydney Opera House (Sydney Opera House) and the Sydney Harbour Bridge (Sydney Harbour Bridge), it is considered to be the three major landmark buildings in the urban area.

Sydney Tower地处Sydney市中心,海德公园(Hyde Park)和维多利亚女王大厦(Queen Victoria Building)之间的马基特街(Markef Street)上,是纵观Sydney市区全景的最佳观赏点,360度透明观景台使所有景观一览无遗,北边望去有Sydney海港大桥、岩石区(The Rocks)、Sydney歌剧院、环形wharf (Circular Quary)等;西边则有达令港(Darling Harbour)各景点,甚至可远观至2000年奥运场地霍姆布什湾(Homebush Bay);东面的著名旅游点包括海德公园(Hyde Park)、新南威尔士州parliament 大厦(Parliament of New South Wales)、Sydney皇家植物园(Royal Botanic Garden)等;往南则有维多利亚女王大厦(Queen Victoria Building)等. The viewing floor is particularly equipped with high-multiple telescopes to broaden visitors' horizons, with a view of the entire port of Sydney (Sydney Harbour) and the other end of the ocean, while the range of blue mountains (Blue Mountains), as far west as 80 kilometers away, can also be seen when sunny weather.

The Sydney Tower is a nine-story multi-functional cone building, the 1-3 floors of the tower base are shopping malls; the 1st floor of the tower (4 floors of the mall) is a ticket exchange for a single-point western restaurant rotating restaurant; the 2nd floor of the tower is a rotating cafeteria; the 3rd floor of the tower is a viewing platform and a bar providing coffee and meals; the 4th floor of the tower is a 360° transparent glass watchtower; and the top floor is an aerial corridor providing Skywalk walking outside the tower.

There are two revolving restaurants, a viewing floor and a café in the Sydney Tower, and the central points are also worth visiting, as taking a 40-second ride on a high-speed elevator is an unforgettable experience in itself. Exciting friends can also choose the aerial stroll (Skywalk) project, wearing protective equipment to enjoy the scenery outside the tower.


  • Adult (lunch)$55;; Adult (dinner) A $79(fee includes: Sydney Tower Buffet Dinner ;360 degree Rotation View)

Australia - New South Wales
Attraction - Building
安普塔、AMP Tower
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