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HMAS Hobart Memorial Lookout

7241 Main S Rd, Normanville SA 5204, Australia

Introduction of HMAS Hobart Memorial Lookout

HMAS Hobart Memorial Lookout is located in (Fleurieu Peninsula, south of South Australia's capital Adelaide, about 80 kilometers from Adelaide.

The HMAS Hobart (HMAS Hobart), a Perth-class (Perth class) missile destroyer of the Royal Australian Navy, was made in the United States in 1965 and participated in the Vietnam and Gulf War. After decommissioning, the 133m warship was sunk in 2002 on the west coast of the Floriere Peninsula, 30 metres deep in (St. Vincent Gulf) Bay, St. Vincent's Bay, about 4km from land.

HMAS Hobart Memorial Lookout was built on the shore of the shipwreck, on the edge of Main South Road, from Adelaide to Cape (Cape Jervis), where the marina of kangaroo island (Kangaroo Island) is located. In front of the platform is the beach and the endless San Vincent Bay, backed by rolling hills, with a magnificent view, and the anchor of the Hobart was placed on the platform for remembrance.

In addition, the HMAS Hobart off the sea is also an excellent diving site for sunken ships. Like other sunken vessels, considering the safety of divers, the hull of the ship has been specially disposed of before entering the water, such as the doors to be removed from the cabin. And cut open some of the necessary openings so that the outside light can be seen everywhere in the cabin, which is much safer than the shipwreck caused by an accident, but because the current at the shipwreck of the HMAS Hobart is very large, There is only one or two days a month to avoid the tide (that is, when the tide changes lead to a day when there is no climax and low tide) before diving activities can take place, non-professional divers must be led by a professional.


  • Shipwreck point coordinates: latitude:-35.4560, longitude: 138.3388;
  • The ship must be allowed to dive ahead of time.


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Australia - South Australia
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