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Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple Of Australia

9 Main S Rd, Sellicks Hill SA 5202, Australia

Introduction of Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple Of Australia

Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple Of Australia Lix Beach (Sellicks Beach )ix Beach (Sellicks Beach), south of the Adelaide of the state capital of South Australia, about 55 kilometers from downtown Adelaide.

Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple Of Australia was founded in 1996 and is a temple independent of other Buddhism organizations in Australia. Here is a giant statue of Guanyin 18 meters high on the beach, the only large statue of Guanyin in the southern hemisphere, meaning to bring peace 、 harmony, prosperity and wealth to South Australia. Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple Of Australia is located on the highway from Adelaide to cape jevis (Cape Jervis), is the only way to go to kangaroo island (Kangaroo Island), guanyin looks very tall, and there tall buildings around, so it is easy to be found.

In 1996, miaojing elders, at the sincere request of protecting the good faith of the dharma, so that thousands of south australia sentient beings can bathe in the dew of the dharma, so that suffering sentient beings, away from bitter joy, joy and joy, buddha bless south australia, a total of cool. The mage spent more than half a year with good faith, scouting around, tossing and turning, and finally found a wasteland in the Myponga of the southern suburb of Adelaide as a religious land for building Buddhist temples and spreading the Dharma. Master Miaojing, after several tossing and turning, returned to live in the temple, carrying Mingrong, Dezhen, Chuo Zen, and other three mages, facing the dilapidated and weeds of the wasteland, the mages knotted their houses, cut through the thorns, the title of mud, in 1998 built a simple Buddhist hall and housing, vegetable garden, afforestation, green environment and its rockery behind the planting of more than 200 olive trees. From then on, they began a hard and long religious life with equal emphasis on agriculture and Zen, and opened a new page for the promotion and dissemination of Buddhism in South Australia. Miaojing elders in Putuo this clean Buddha soil, leading the three mage and good men and women to work hard to earn their own living. Since then, the master bodhi heart big hair, melt ambition in the implementation, step by step, force out of all difficulties, more than 10 years, the environment around Putuo Temple from the original wasteland, into today's picturesque sea and sky Buddha. Recently Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple Of Australia plans are under way to build a Grand Hall, an open-air Quan Yin statue and its supporting equipment. With the support of the relevant departments of the government of South Australia, the temple will be equipped with facilities such as Buddhist Hall, Zen Hall, lecture hall, library, Ramadan Hall, Laos House and so on.


  • Putuo Temple in South China Sea, Australia, is a remote location, the nearest bus stop needs to walk about 5 kilometers, it is recommended to drive


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Australia - South Australia
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