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Dudley Wines

1153 Cape Willoughby Rd, Cuttlefish Bay SA 5222, Australia

Introduction of Dudley Wines

Dudley Wines is located in the east of (Kangaroo Island), a kangaroo island in southern South Australia, about 12 kilometers from Penneshaw, where the kangaroo island wharf is located.

Dudley Winery is a typical family winery founded by Jeff Howard (Jeff Howard) and Val Howard (Val Howard) in 1994. The Howard family has been working on kangaroo island for three generations, and Jeff and Val hope to grow some different agricultural crops from their ancestors in addition to sheep and beef cattle. Given the cool climate and abundant precipitation on kangaroo island and the limestone soil on the farm, Mr. and Mrs. Howard are advised to grow vines on the farm. Finally, after Jeff and Val planted a two-acre Sila (Shiraz); on the farm in 1994, the area of grapes gradually expanded to 20 acres today, and the variety of grapes planted was also very diverse.

The first batch of wine from the dadley's winery was named as the "Shearing Shaded Red", which was made by mixing the harvest of sisila and cabernet Sauvignon in 1997. As the wine's name suggests, the red wine is brewed, cooked and bottled in a trim wool house. Although the initial brew is very crude, the Dadley's winery is soon built to be one of the most popular wineries on the island, and the brewed wine is popular with local residents and travelers. Today, the Dadley winery has a wine-making winery, an advanced wine-brewing device, and a wine cellar built on the hillside to store 200 barrels of wine.

The winemaker at Dudley winery is Jeff and Val's son Brody Howard (Brodie Howard), all of which are made from 100 per cent kangaroo grapes, perfectly showing the unique local features of the kangaroo island wine region. Brody has excellent mixing skills, his mixed wine is loved by consumers, and has been applauded many times at various wine shows. The winery was also rated by James Halliday (James Halliday), a famous Australian wine critic and critic, as a five-star acclaim winery in 2016.

Nowadays, under the promotion of Jeff and Val's two daughters and wives, Dudley Winery, on the one hand, provides quality wine tasting service to customers, not only the wine of the winery, but also the local specialty food of kangaroo island, such as cheese, meat products, smoked salmon and so on. Visitors can choose the food they are interested in. On the other hand, (Dudley Lovers Club), a Dudley wine enthusiast club, is also a major feature of winery management and promotion. Most of its members are Australian consumers who like Dudley wine. Members enjoy the exclusive quality service and wine purchase offers from Dudley winery, for example, members of the club can get the opportunity to taste or buy new wineries at very favorable prices.

At present, the wines produced by Dudley winery are divided into four categories: small island wines such as (Island Range), show unique personality, simple and strong, giving people different tasting experience, vineyard series wine (Vineyard Series), is of excellent quality and is carefully brewed from single vineyard grapes, and the wines produced by Dudley winery are divided into four categories: small island wine (Island Range), which shows its unique personality, simple and strong, and gives people different tasting experiences. Limited edition wine (Limited Releases), is mainly made according to the special requirements of some old customers and wine tasting room visitors, which not only has a good response, but also sells in limited quantities. (Back Vintages), wine in stock is usually aged in many years and is treasured by winemaker Brody. After it is sold, it can be enjoyed immediately or used for collection.

In addition to tasting wine, Dudley winery also has a restaurant to provide catering services, rich dishes, superior location, wide field of vision, beautiful scenery.


  • Per capita consumption: about A $30

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Australia - South Australia
Food - Vineyard
3.8 / 5
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