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Maslin Beach

Maslin Beach SA 5170, Australia

Introduction of Maslin Beach

Located about 35 kilometers south of the South Australian capital of Adelaide, the Maslin Beach connects Adelaide to (Fleurieu Peninsula). On the Floriere Peninsula.

Maslin Beach beautiful scenery, clear water, a long beach, fine sand soft, small waves, perfect for family leisure and swimming. At the same time, Maslin Beach is one of Australia's most famous celestial beaches (also known as naked beaches). As early as 1975, the southern beach of, Maslin Beach was officially declared by the South Australian Government to be Australia's first naked beach, hence the name of Australia and even the world. Australia's 1997 film of the same name, < Maslin Beach >, was set against this celestial beach, and the then governor of South Australia, Don Dunstan, was very supportive of the object beach, claiming that "unless people hurt others in this community, they should be an individual." Can do what they want to do. And so far, Maslin Beach is the only naked beach in South Australia.

The Maslin Beach is about 3 kilometers long, and the southern region is naked, and there is a clear sign that it must be dressed. And there is no admission fee for entering the naked area. Nudity is the only pass. No matter whether beautiful, ugly, fat or thin, all are equal. If you enter this area, please follow the customs and liberate yourself from the shackles of clothing, and do not look casually. And you can't take pictures.

The northern part of Maslin Beach is a seabirds sanctuary, where large numbers of seabirds live on beaches, prey or breed, and signs remind visitors not to disturb them, let alone bring pets in.


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Australia - South Australia
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