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Kilikanoon Winery

Kilikanoon WineryPenna Ln, Penwortham SA 5453, Australia

Introduction of Kilikanoon Winery

Kilikanoon Winery is located about 6 kilometers south of Clare, a small town in (Clare Valley), Clare Valley, an important wine-producing area in South Australia. Pwasum (Penwortham).

In 1997, Kevin Mitchell (Kevin Mitchell) bought a piece of land in the Clare Valley and founded Kilikanoon Winery.. Kevin was deeply influenced by his father, who had grown grapes in (Golden Hillside), golden mountains slope, for more than 40 years before he founded (Golden Hillside), and had deep attainments in growing grapes. With his father's help and his own constant efforts, Kevin launched the winery's first year of wine when it was founded. Today, Kilikanoon Winery vineyards have been spread all over Barosa Valley (Barossa Valley) and McLaren Valley (McLaren Vale), becoming one of the best wineries in South Australia, and its wine production has become one of the most famous wine brands in Australia.

Kilikanoon Winery has 11 vineyards with a total area of 129.25 hectares, of which about 93 hectares are used to grow vines. The vineyard of Kilikanoon Winery is high above sea level, most of which are distributed on 300 × 600m slopes. The soil is also different according to the topography and geomorphology, which is mainly composed of red calcareous soil and alluvial soil. The summer temperature in vineyard area is high, and there is a very ideal microclimate in the garden. The main grape varieties planted in the winery vineyard are Silas (Shiraz), Gohina (Grenache), Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Franc), (Cabernet Sauvignon) and Riesling (Riesling). The main vines are 40 years old and 150 years old, including the world's oldest and most productive vines.

From the annual production of 25, 000 bottles of wine sold in the first year, Kilikanoon Winery now produces a large number of wines a year in 25 countries around the world. Kelly Kanu has developed into a world-famous Australian wine brand, and has won many awards in the international wine industry, and has been praised and loved by consumers. In 2012, Kelly Kanu was named Australia's best winery in 2013 by (Australian Wine Companion), written by James Halliday (James Halliday), Australia's most influential wine critic, and was named Australia's double red five-star winery for more than a decade. His winemaker, Kevin Mitchell, was praised by Robert Parker (Robert Parker) as "Australia's youngest talented winemaker."

Kelly Kanu won six of the seven awards at the 2002 Clare Ancient Wine Fair, and the oracle Silas (Oracle Shiraz), which is produced by the winery, is known as "the best Silas in the world." In 2013, Kilikanoon Winery won the title of "winery of the year" (Winery of the Year) awarded by the Australian Wine Association. The winery has now released Kelikanu Olesila dry red wine (Kilikanoon Oracle Reserve Shiraz), Celikanu Corvincera dry red wine (Kilikanoon Killerman's Run Shiraz), Carekanu Corvincilla dry red wine (Kilikanoon Covenant Shiraz) and Kelly Canu Atenghassilla dry red wine (Kilikanoon Attunga 1865 shiraz). The wine is Carekanu Corvincera dry red wine (Kilikanoon Covenant Shiraz) and Carekanu Don Garcera dry red wine (Kilikanoon Covenant Shiraz) and Carekanu Don Garcera dry red wine (Kilikanoon Covenant Shiraz) and Carekanu agathera dry red wine.

Changyu Group, China's oldest winery, had previously bought a stake in Kilikanoon Winery80% for A $20.6 million for only one reason: the wine style suits Chinese tastes.

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