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Bumbunga Lake

Bumbunga Lake, South Australia, Australia

Introduction of Bumbunga Lake

Bumbunga Lake Lake Bubonga, Lake Banga, more directly known as "Pink Lake "," Pink Lake Adelaide ", is located about 130 kilometers north of the capital of South Australia, about 130 kilometers from downtown Adelaide, just off the A1 Highway (Princes Hwy), on the way from Adelaide to York Peninsula (Yorke Peninsula) or the Al Peninsula (Eyre Peninsula), covering an area of about 13.88 square kilometers.

Bumbunga comes from the native language Parnpangka, meaning "lake Rain Water Lake"(rain), which, by definition, is often filled with rain, and then becomes a huge pink mirror. Bumbunga Lake is a salt marsh lake, like most of australia's salt marsh lake, the lake is very shallow, the deepest is only about 10 centimeters, the magic is that the color of the Bumbunga Lake will change with the season, cloud volume and daily time, usually after cloudy rain, salt lake due to rain and fresh nutrients, especially bright colors, and every morning and sunset, it will be unusually pink. According to these factors, the lake color of pink salt lake can span from bubble gum pink to light purple.

Bumbunga Lake is pink because the lake is mixed with a red bacterium known as "Salinibacter"," and with the salt lake's genus duchy, where microbes react chemically with salt and produce a lot of carotene that makes the lake appear pink. Usually, the stronger the sunlight, the larger the pink range, the brighter the pink. A collection of salt and minerals in the red land, Bumbunga Lake like a huge palette, painting on the land of South Australia.

There is a small town near the Bumbunga Lake, Loshir (Lochiel), with a permanent population of less than 200.


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Australia - South Australia
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