Melbourne's most classic scenic spots are good, two days of self-help tour is enough.

[Free Tour]     03 Sep 2019
Maybe you plan to fly from home to Melbourne, Melbourne to Keynes, Brisbane, Gold Coast.People who use Melbourne as a transit station often miss the truest beauty of Melbourne. Or you`re afraid you don`t have much time not to know how to play, no relationship, just a little time to be a "minority" in Melbourne`s classic pocket.

Maybe you plan to fly from home to Melbourne, Melbourne to Keynes, Brisbane, Gold Coast.

People who use Melbourne as a transit station often miss the truest beauty of Melbourne. Or you`re afraid you don`t have much time not to know how to play, no relationship, just a little time to be a "minority" in Melbourne`s classic pocket.

Melbourne`s most distinctive classic

As a famous cultural city in the southern hemisphere, Melbourne shows a lot of attention to the world, but free travel has to play classics, with limited time to experience Melbourne`s infinite beauty.

1, Puffin Billy steam train 

Key words: century-old narrow-track railway Dantonong range scenery

Puffin Billy Steam train passes through Monbock Creek Trestle

Don`t miss Australia`s most popular steam train when you get to Melbourne. It`s one of Melbourne`s most popular attractions. Little train will lead you through Danton range, you can follow the most traditional way to ride Puffin Billy steam train: hang your legs to the open side of the antique car with unblocked contact along the way.

Train sites along the way:

Belgrave Station (Belgrave Station) > Minzhixi Station (Menzies Creek Station) > Emory Town Station (Emerald Town Station) > Lakeside Station (Lakeside Station) > Jane Brooke Station (Gembrook Station) * if you choose round trip, it is best not to get off at Minzhixi Station, because it will take a long time to take the next bus back to Belgrave.

Round trips are recommended:

Belgrave Station-Emory Town Station (about 50 minutes one way): if you want to see the beauty shoot unphotographed, choose to travel to and from Emory Town Station. The most classic attraction is the Monbok Creek trestle, which you saw shortly after you drove out of Belgrave Station. This is the sign point of Puffin Billy Steam train, where many of the photo you look familiar with train are filmed here. Emory Town Station itself is the only well-preserved original building on the entire railway line.

Belgrave Station–Lakeside Station(60 minutes per trip):If you are a family or a couple, you can travel back and forth at the Lakeside Station.

Puffen Billy Steam train runs at least four times a day (as the case may be) and has a Christmas break. Advance purchase of tickets and detailed schedules can be carried out on the official website * tickets can also be purchased at the site, with Australian dollars, MasterCard and visa credit cards accepted at all stations. But only Belgrave and Lakeside Station accept UnionPay cards. Considering the security and convenience of bank card, it is suggested that domestic booking platform should buy tickets.

It is recommended to take the city rail: it will take about 70 minutes to get to Belgrave from downtown Melbourne on the Belgrave train (Belgrave Line Train), and then walk along the blue line on the platform to Puffin Billy train station. * you can also drive yourself, just set the destination to "Belgrave Station," but the 1 Old Monbulk Road where Belgrave is located does not have a parking lot, and you need to look for another parking lot in the navigation.

2, Philip Island (Prunus Island) 

Key words: animal penguins return to the nest cute

Unlike the penguins in the aquarium in our city, the wild penguins in the Philip Island Penguin Reserve live in large numbers and carefree. And the penguins here are also the adorable thing of the penguin world, only 30 centimeters tall is the smallest penguin in the world. Philip Island attractions include chocolate factories, Winston Island, koala care areas and penguin homing. Parent-child & time can be played more time, because chocolate, shearing wool, koala ah is really the children can not resist the temptation.

But we`re compact to play classics.

Recommended options: Penguin homing

It`s definitely a Melbourne and even Australian classic and it doesn`t take much time. When you go to play something else during the day, just wait in the stands before sunset in the evening. But don`t miss the time. The concept of "before sunset" is a little vague. You just have to remember that it`s about 8: 00 in summer and before 05:30 in winter.

Reference time of penguin homing ashore

There are three kinds of stands to watch penguins homing: ordinary stands-VIP stands-underground VIP stands, tickets are available on Philip Island`s official website (, and domestic booking platforms are more cost-effective.


  • Penguin homing tickets do not specify the seat number, the sooner you arrive, the closer you will be to the baby penguin. So, it`s best to get here an hour in advance to take up your seats.
  • If you can arrange the time to occupy the position, then the VIP stand is the most cost-effective.
  • The reason why the ordinary stands are not recommended is that the two types of VIP stands are the main passageways adjacent to the penguins` return home, while the ordinary stands and the VIP stands are not in the same place, and there is a certain distance from the stands, so they really do not see much essence.
  • If you are not sure, choose the underground VIP stands, because the underground VIP stands will limit the number of people, up to 70 at a time, basically everyone can be viewed through glass and penguins.

Schematic diagram of penguin homing stand

[traffic recommendation] self-driving, buses and troupes can be, the most convenient to follow the regiment is not introduced.

Bus: Monday - Friday buses from Melbourne to Phillip Island, and you can book a shuttle (http: //

Self-driving: you set your destination to "Phillip Island" in your navigation. From Melbourne, follow M1, turn into South Gippsland Highway at Cranbourne exit, cross A420, B420, and finally cross the bridge.

3. Melbourne Sta 

Key words: romantic Ferris Wheel City Night View

The night view of Melbourne through the star of Melbourne.

This is Melbourne`s best place for couples and couples to enjoy their sweet time. I believe that girls and ladies, like me, have a feeling for Ferris wheels and want to see the most beautiful scenery with the people they like. The largest Melbourne star in the southern hemisphere can take you to watch Melbourne and surrounding range 360 degrees.

Recommended play time: dusk or evening.

Watching the night view of the city over Melbourne is definitely more shocking than the view of the day; at dusk, you can also feel the changes of Melbourne from day to night. : Melbourne Star opens from 10:00 to 10:00, but do not step on the time to arrive at 10:00. Because the last flight leaves at 09:30.

In addition, it is suggested to log in to the official website buy tickets at the domestic platform, although the site can also buy tickets but there is no discount on the site. The official website book a discount of 25%, and the domestic platform is even cheaper.

[traffic recommendation] Tramway: take No. 70 (via Flinders Street) and No. 80 (via Bourke Street) in the center of the city and get off at Sky Bus stop of Harbour Town Shopping Center.

Melbourne has more developed traffic in urban areas, including train, trams and buses. For ease of passage, it is recommended to buy a Myki Card.

On Myki Card

Myki card is equivalent to a traffic card. The use method is to get on the bus, swipe the card and then swipe the card, empty card 6 Australian dollars, no refund, recharge can be used.

The 2-hour ticket is A $3.76 per person in all regions, A $7.52 per person in all regions, and 6 Australian dollars per person on Saturday and Sunday in all regions.

Place: Flinders Street train Station, Melbourne Central, Airport exit Skybus ticket kiosks, etc. The place where the card is sold is usually marked with a conspicuous blue and yellow Myki, which is easy to find.

Ticket price real-time query:

4, Eureka 88 viewing platform 

Key words: the highest stimulus view in the southern hemisphere

During the day, I saw it from the Eureka viewing platform.

Eureka has an interesting story: it was originally planned to be only 81 stories tall, but because Brisbane had to build an 82-story building, the building was compared to 88 stories. Each window of the 88-story viewing platform has a text introduction, from which you can learn about the cultural landmarks and historical buildings you see here.

In addition to the normal view window, eureka also has two special viewing areas: a triangular open-air platform, through which you can use your hands to catch 300 meters of cold air at high altitude; the other is the "edge experience box" of the expenditure building body, the four-sided space of the expenditure building body, including the floor, is glass, the real thrill of leg weakness.

All tickets to the viewing platform can be purchased on the spot or ordered through the official website ( You can combine multiple comparisons to see which is the best value for money.


How do I get to the 88th floor?

The Eureka building has the fastest elevator in the southern hemisphere and can take you to the viewing platform in 40 seconds. Elevator use is included in tickets.

Of course, it is not recommended that you go to the Eureka 88 viewing platform as your only destination. You can visit urban attractions such as the Yala River, Melbourne CBD and so on.

Walking: the Eureka Building is near wharf on the Yala River. Whether you shop on the Yala River or CBD in Melbourne, you can walk directly and save time. (Flinders Street), the main road, is only five minutes` walk from the Eureka Building and can cross the river along the bridge.

5, Ocean Road 

Key words: twelve disciple rock along the most beautiful coastline

The rocks on Ocean Road reveal the beauty of the wind and frost

This is the most representative place in Melbourne; is all kinds of Australian postcards, the protagonist of photography blockbuster; the ultimate destination of many people is here. After such a long ranking, you want to strongly advise the Melbourne transfer Party that even if you no longer have time, you have to leave some for Ocean Road.

Oceania Road is definitely the best place to take pictures in Melbourne. As Australia`s most beautiful self-driving coastline, even known as one of the world`s must-go self-driving routes, if you are self-driving, then you can go and stop. Although the ocean road is narrow, most of them are two-way, but basically every beach and scenic place will have a special viewing platform to facilitate you to stop and take pictures.


Some trees along the way will live in wild koalas, where kangaroos and koalas are infested, there are signs to remind them. Don`t forget to stop and look for and take pictures when you see the signs.

Recommended self-driving route: Melbourne-Apollo wharf-Cape Oterway Lighthouse-Twelve Rock-London Bridge

Come out of Melbourne, walk along the coastline, through the wooden arch marked Great Ocean Road, even if you really enter the ocean road.

Remember not to miss "Fish Identification" when Apollo wharf stops to shoot. This sign describes the species of fish that can be caught in the waters near Apollo wharf. I believe most of them are unknown to you.

Ocean Road attractions are basically free, a rare fee attraction is Australia`s oldest lighthouse-Cape Otwey Lighthouse. It is suggested that you do not have to climb to the top of the tower and take a panoramic view.

Approaching the port of Campbell (port campbell) means that you can see the demeanor of the twelve at once. Every step of the road is beautiful, and the famous London broken bridge is nearby.

Represents the official entrance to Ocean Road.

If you are self-driving and have plenty of time, be sure not to miss the helicopter ( The location of the helicopter is near the twelve disciples. You`d better choose a four-seat plane in order to see the beautiful scenery without shelter. If it is 6 seats 8, you must choose the front seat, because the rear cabin will be blocked.

*If you are on a fixed trip to Ocean Road(one day tour), you must first confirm and reasonably arrange the helicopter travel time to avoid misflight.

[traffic recommendation] self-driving or following:

Don`t forget to use navigation: IOS recommends Tom Tom, Android recommendation Googlemaps. On a single-lane highway such as Oceania Road, try not to overtake. If you really want to overtake, you really have to wait to overtake every few kilometers. If you want to take a picture and park, make sure there is no car in the back and then park by the side of the road. Even if there is a traffic jam in line, it is best not to drive into the opposite driveway.

If you are with the regiment, you must confirm the detailed time of the itinerary and schedule the additional travel items, oh, because once the plane and so on are missed, you will not wait and refund ~

Grasp the microcosm of the city, compact, time-saving and all-round essence route 

D1: Melbourne CBD Melbourne Tauce Street Melbourne St Paul Cathedral-Eureka 88 viewing platform-Melbourne Sta

D2: one day tour of Oceania Road / Steam train-Philip Island

One day in the city, go shopping at CBD before going to St. Paul`s Cathedral and graffiti Street. Although Melbourne has many graffiti alleys, the graffiti alley opposite Union Square is the most classic. Walk a few minutes to the Eureka 88 viewing platform, where you can experience a panoramic view of Melbourne during the day and take the tram to Melbourne Star to enjoy a romantic night view.

One day around, you can follow Little train around Dantonnon range, in the evening to Philip Island to see the penguins homing home for an ecological trip to Melbourne. You can also drive or follow the regiment, along the most beautiful coastline, to photograph the beautiful scenery of Ocean Road, meet and see the twelve disciple rock at a time.


If you go on a tour, you`ll find that Melbourne isn`t just a cosmopolitan city in every country. If you`re hesitating about whether it`s worth it, then walk with me and I`ll tell you what I want to do with my custom in Melbourne.

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