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Kata Tjuta Sunset View Area

Kata Tjuta Sunset View Area, Petermann NT 0872, Australia

Introduction of Kata Tjuta Sunset View Area

Kata Tjuta Sunset View Area is located on the west side of Uluru Stonehenge (Uluru), known as known as the "Red Heart of Australia ", about 35 km from Ururu's main resort and distribution centre, Yulala (Yulara).

Kata Chuta, which covers an area of about 40 square kilometres, is Stonehenge composed of 36 boulders of varying sizes, varying in height and height, up to 1066 meters above sea level and 546 meters above ground level. In the native language, Kata Chuta means "the land of the bulls ", which is the best illustration of the peculiar and extraordinary rock form here.

As with ururu, kata chutta takes on different colors from the sun's different angles, Kata Tjuta Sunset View Area is the best place for visitors to catch these beautiful sunset afterglow. There is also a picnic area where you can enjoy the charming kata chutta sunset while having dinner with your family.


  • (a) Kata Chuta is a highly culturally sensitive area where the indigenous Anange (Anangu, also known as the Anan ancients) requested that the Kata Chuta be photographed from that location with three or more domes in the same frame, be sure to observe the local customs, civilized travel;
  • Visitors must leave Ururo-Katachuta National Park (Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park) one hour after the sun goes down, or face fines, while driving Kata Tjuta Sunset View Area 45 minutes from the National Park border requires special attention if visitors come to watch the sunset.


  • A total of two Kata Chuta scenic spots, the other is: Kata Chuta Shachu scenic spot (Kata Tjuta Dunes Viewing Area), is the best place to enjoy the panorama of Kata Chuta and sunrise, the two are about 15 kilometers away from each other;
  • Kata Tjuta Sunset View Area are crowded at sunset, but usually quiet at sunset; the Kata Chuta Chachu viewing area is the opposite;
  • The arrival Kata Tjuta Sunset View Area, must enter the Uru-Katachuta National Park, while the entry into the National Park requires the purchase of tickets, please refer to: Uru-Katachuta National Park (Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park) for details.
Australia - Northern Territory
Attraction - Lookout
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