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Peninsula Hot Springs

140 Springs Ln, Fingal VIC 3939, Australia

Introduction of Peninsula Hot Springs

Penisula Hot Springs is located at the southern tip of the Morningon Peninsula, south of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, about a 100-kilometer drive from the city of Melbourne.

Penisula Hot Springs is the most famous hot spring resort in the state of Weizhou. It is the first natural mineral hot spring and day hydrotherapy center in Weizhou. The natural hot mineral spring is integrated with the hydrotherapy center. The hot spring of the hot spring comes from 637 meters below the ground, and the temperature of the healing mineral spring water is from 36 ℃ to 43 ℃.

Penisula Hot Springs is located on the top of the Fingo, with a beautiful beach environment. Pensiula Hot Springs is divided into two parts: the dream spa of the private hot spring experience focuses on a quiet and private atmosphere; while the public hot spring pool has more than 25 hot spring pools and spa facilities, it is a large "hot spring park".

  • The public hot spring pool (Bath House): On the basis of the natural environment, there are more than 20 hot spring pools in the forest on the hillside, including the cave pool, the bath valley, the rock hole, the manage pool, the lake pool, the sauna, the cold spring and the Turkish bath, etc. The water temperature of each tank is from 36 ° C to 43 ° C, The hottest 43 ° C pool is hidden on the way to the top of the pool and is very comfortable in the winter; of course the most recommended is the Hilltop Pool, especially when the sun is on the sun, and in the orange-red sun, The comfort of the hot spring is a very different experience watching the sunset;
  • The Spa DreamCentre: Enjoy a peaceful, private space, experience a private or shared bath, and provide full body mass, facial beauty, mud-and-salt treatment, as well as ancient hot-stone therapy, which is full of life.

There are several restaurants and cafes in the whole of the Penisula Hot Springs, which is tired and can be replenished at any time; in addition to the spa in the Dream Spa, there is a hot spring ticket in the area to enter, and the rest of the restaurants and cafes do not limit the guests.

Ticket price:

  • Public hot spring pool:
  • Adult: $45 (normal), $55 (peak), $25 (early bird price)
  • Children (5 ≤ 15): 25 Australian dollars (normal price), 35 Australian dollars (peak price), 20 Australian dollars (early bird price)
  • Baby (0-4): $5

Dream Spa (adult only):

  • 95 Australian dollars

* Note: peak hours are Saturday, Sunday and school holidays; early bird hours are before 9:00 from Monday to Friday (except school holidays).

How to:

  • Self-driving;
  • Bus: take Frankston Line, at Frankston Station (terminal) get off, change to bus No. 788, get off at Rye, take a taxi for about 10 minutes (5.2km), taxi fare is about A $10.


  • In order to ensure the guest's comfort and hot spring experience, Pensiula Hot Springs strictly limits the number of visitors per day, and it is highly recommended to make a reservation for the next day or the day's ticket during the peak season, and it is highly recommended that the entry date and time period be reserved for at least one week after the hot spring travel is scheduled;
  • The view pool on the top of the mountain is overcrowded at any time. In order to catch up with the sunset, you must go ahead of time.

Open time:

Australia - Victoria
Attraction - Theme Park
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