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Dove Lake

Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain TAS 7306, Australia

Introduction of Dove Lake

Dove Lake (Dove Lake, is located in the lullaby hills of Tasmani Island-Lake St. Clair National Park (Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park) North. Dove Lake) is scenic with an average water depth of about 60 meters and a small area. Walking around the lake for about two hours or so, walking along the lake allows you to see the perfect combination of the nearby cradle mountain (Cradle Mountain), water and the mountain from different angles.

Dove Lake scenery is charming, mountains and lakes depend on each other, complement each other. Lake reflected mountain color, mountain water green, the original natural features to shock, lake water can be directly drunk. Dovin Lake is like blue ink, but the water seen on the camera screen is blue. It's a reflection of the blue sky, and the water is like a mirror. The path of the tour is hidden in the deep forest, looking far away at the natural scenery of the mountain and lake, without any artificial trace. Visiting Lake doofen, I felt a baptism of the soul. In addition to the fairyland, fishing in rivers and lakes, or camping picnics by lake banks. Staying in the hostel at night may meet the little kangaroo, the night-walking koala.


  • There is no toilet in the hiking route, and there is a toilet to be used in the disembarkation area;
  • Adequate drinking water and food are recommended on foot;
  • The hiking route is relatively flat, part of the way climbing and falling, recommended to wear light shoes;
  • The visitor center has free parking, park attractions need to take a bus from the visitor center, private vehicles are not allowed to enter.


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Australia - Tasmania
Attraction - Natural
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