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Glenelg Dredge Dive Site

Glenelg Beach, Jetty Road, Glenelg 5045

Introduction of Glenelg Dredge Dive Site

Glenelg Dredge Dive Site is located on the bottom of the sea about 5 kilometers west of Grael Beach on the western outskirts of Adelaide, South Australia's capital, and is a sinking and diving site.

Glenelg Dredge Dive Site's shipwreck was not caused by an accident. The decommissioned dredger was deliberately sunk at a depth of about 20 metres in 1985 to help fish breed and scuba diving for divers. Not far from the dredger was another near-size sand carrier, about 80 metres apart, with a pole on the ocean floor to allow divers to swim from one shipwreck to another.

Both sunken ships are about 35 metres long and 7 metres wide and the deck depth is about 15 metres. The fisheries and fisheries departments have fully dealt with them before the shipwrecks so that leisure divers can easily cross the wreck inside, inside the wreck. The light source can be seen anywhere, and almost any large transparent opening allows divers to pass through, very safe. The two sunken ships have been on the ocean floor for some time, and the attached ecosystems are already quite abundant. Adelaide is located in the temperate zone, with sea water temperatures ranging from 12 to 22 degrees and visibility ranging from 3 to 20 meters. Although it is too cold for coral reefs, it is very suitable for all kinds of sponges, and the color of sponges does not allow corals. Under the sinking ship, there is a large group of brightly colored small fish all year round, and there are many here, like the three-knife fish more than half a meter long. The giant South Australian specialised cuttlefish is the largest cuttlefish in the world, and it is more than half a meter long as an adult. It is also common to see beneath the ship that it is a paradise for marine life.

The longitude and latitude of Glenelg Dredge Dive Site were-34.97864167 and 138.4406694. Close to the wharf, suitable depth and low risk, it is the ideal place for sunken boat diving novice.


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