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Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon

332 Lovedale Rd, Lovedale NSW 2325, Australia

Introduction of Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon

Hunter Valley (Hunter Valley) is the most famous wine producing area and scenic spot in New South Wales, the area is very large, the beautiful, Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon is a wonderful experience that tourists must not miss in Hunter Valley, boarding beautifully designed hot air balloons, taking off at dawn, floating over the beautiful Hunter Valley to witness the splendor and brilliance of sunrise, will certainly be a wonderful memory that tourists can not forget.

Hot air balloon activity flow:

  • The departure place of the hot air balloon is determined according to the weather and wind direction of the day. At sunrise, the balloon will be inflated and ready for 25 minutes. Visitors can participate with the staff in the new process of inflating hot air balloons, personally release the hot air balloons that take themselves into the sky, or record the whole process of the gradual fullness of hot air balloons next to them, which is an unforgettable moment to record.
  • As the sun rises, it rises into the sky with colorful hot air balloons and floats slowly with the breeze. On a steady flight, you will find that you are floating over the treetops and then climb to 2000 feet or more without effort. In the morning light, enjoy the picturesque scenery of Pogalbin (Pokolbin), Lefdell (Lovedale), Rosbury (Rothbury), Brooke (Broke) wine producing area in Hunter Valley, the vast green plain connected with the blue sky, watching oneself and the soft white clouds getting closer and nearer to the soft white clouds.
  • Because of the slow wind speed, everyone could hardly feel moving in the hot air balloon basket. At this time nothing to worry about, just always ready the camera, from any unique point of view can capture the charming pastoral scenery of Hunter Valley;
  • Afterwards, enjoy a gourmet champagne breakfast at Peterson House to celebrate the success of this blissful balloon ride.

Introduction to the company:

  • In Hunter Valley, there are a number of companies providing hot air balloon services, the price is about the same;
  • Lefu hot air balloon company (Balloon Aloft) has been providing award-winning flight services to passengers since 1980. Experienced pilot team members include Australian hot air balloon champion and world women's hot air balloon champion.
  • Lefu Hot Balloon has service stores in Hunter Valley (Hunter Valley), Camden Valley (Camden Valley), Mangui (Mudgee) and Byron Bay (Byron Bay).


  • Adult: $269
Australia - New South Wales
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