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Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Introduction of Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin is an artificial lake in the city of Canberr, the capital of Australia, with an area of 6.64 square kilometres and an average depth of about 4 metres.

Lake Burley Griffin cut off part of the Moranglo River (Molonglo River), which was completed in 1963 and built a dam named after Walter Burberry Griffin (Walter Burley Griffin). Lake Burley Griffin, the architect who won the Canberra Urban Design Competition, as the city center of Canberra. Many important institutions, such as the Australian National University, (The Australian National University), Australian National Gallery, (National Gallery of Australia), Australian National Museum, (National Museum of Australia), Australian National Library, (National Library of Australia), etc., are located on the shores of the lake. The Capitol (Parliament House) is also not far from the lake.

If you don't go to Lake Burley Griffin, without looking at the jet fountain, you can't talk about the 35-kilometer perimeter of Lake Canberra.Lake Burley Griffin, with roads and bike lanes built around the lake, riding around the lake, walking or jogging, which has become a popular weekend activity; In the lake are fountains built in memory of Captain James Cook's (Captain James Cook), spurting 137m from the bottom of the lake, standing anywhere in the city, you can see tall white columns piercing the blue sky. The drops and droplets of water around the column, shining in the sun, glint a rainbow, a great spectacle.

The Lake Burley Griffin Lake region is vast and beautiful, and nearby areas are popular with entertainment users, especially during the warm season. The most common activities include boating, sailing, etc., and there is a rowing venue in the West Bank of the lake. Because of concerns about water quality, swimming in the lake has become increasingly rare, and the water temperature in the Canberra area is usually cold and unsuitable for swimming; in summer, there are numerous Ironman triathlon and land-water biathlon competitions on the lake, including the Mouyi Ironman Triathlon and so on.

In addition, fishing is a very popular activity in Lake Burley Griffin, the most common of which is the introduction of carps, which each year reserves various introduced and local species, and more than 126 million of the fish have been put into the lake since 1964. Annual monitoring is carried out every year to determine the total number of fish.


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