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Saint Helena Island

St Helena Island QLD 4025, Australia

Introduction of Saint Helena Island

Saint Helena Island is a small island in (Moreton Bay), north of Brisbane, Queensland's capital, covering less than 2 square kilometers.

Saint Helena Island is an island listed on the Queensland Historic Heritage Site. It is located in Moreton Bay, about 4 km east of the Brisbane River estuary. The island is clearly visible from land.

Since 1867, Saint Helena Island has been a prison for 65 years, where the first criminal in Queensland was exiled. After the last prisoner left the prison on February 15, 1933, Saint Helena Island was abandoned for many years, and until the Queensland Government realized the historical significance of Saint Helena Island, it began to re-develop and protect it. In 1979, the entire island was set up as Saint Helena Island National Park and opened to the public.

Today, Saint Helena Island is an attractive tourist destination, once a prison history has made it full of mystery, the ruins of that year still exist. Not only did the island develop a tour of daytime prison remains: trekking history, visiting cemeteries, ancient mines, the first tram in wharf and Queensland, but also a night-long adventure in search of ghosts for daring schoolmates.

How to:

  • Departure from Roma Street Station, Brisbane, via Manly Station, after one hour of train and then from train to Ferry under Moreton Bay;
  • Cat O / 39 / non Tails Cruisers, located in (Manly), Manley, provides chartering services;
  • Private individuals can also go to the island on their own, but only in the southwestern picnic area.
Australia - Queensland
Attraction - Beach
圣赫勒拿岛、St Helena Island
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