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Brisbane Powerhouse

119 Lamington St, New Farm QLD 4005, Australia

Introduction of Brisbane Powerhouse

Brisbane Powerhouse is located in Brisbane, Queensland, on the beautiful Brisbane River (Brisbane River), adjacent to the new farm park (New Farm Park).

Brisbane Powerhouse is a comprehensive functional building that integrates catering, performance, office and conference. It is a unique landmark of Brisbane, which is not only a symbol of industrialization, but also a gathering place of creativity.

Brisbane Powerhouse played an important role in the development of Brisbane city in its early years. The power station was designed by Roy Rothden Oger (Roy Rusden Ogg), designer of parliament tram track (Brisbane City Council Tramway) in Brisbane. The power station ushered in a golden period after World War II to power the largest tram network in the southern hemisphere. Later, as trams were replaced by buses, the power station withdrew from the stage of history in 1971.

The redeveloped Brisbane power station was designed by Peter Roy (Peter Roy), designer of parliament in Brisbane, and opened on May 10, 2000 by Mayor Jim Solly (Jim Soorley). Seven years later, the building underwent further development, with more seats, restaurants, bars, parties and meeting places added to the rebuilt power station.

Brisbane now has between 400 and 700 seats, theater stage, 200 seat-out stage, an open platform with 800 visitors, two restaurants, conference rooms, rehearsals and offices.

Brisbane Power Generation is a non-profit organization owned and supported by Brisbane City parliament.

Australia - Queensland
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