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North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island QLD 4183, Australia

Introduction of North Stradbroke Island

Located north of Queensland's second-largest city, Gold Coast, east of Queensland's capital Brisbane, North Stradbroke Island is about 110km from Gold Coast and 75km from Brisbane, covering an area of 275.2 square kilometers.

The popularity of North Stradbroke Island is far lower than that of the native residents of Brisbane in (Moreton Island), the northern part of Morton Island. The scenery on the island is very beautiful, there are few man-made traces, and it is very close to nature. Especially in the autumn, many green leaves gradually turn to the wind and red. It kills my eyes。 A lot of jellyfish can be seen on the way by boat. There are wild koalas and kangaroos on the island, but they need to be looked for carefully. Dolphins and whales can be seen in the nearby waters, and if they are lucky, they may also be touched by their own hands. There are many apartments on the island, which can be booked online in advance.

The town of (Dunwich), located on the west side of the island, is the ferry terminal between Brisbane and from downtown Brisbane, it is possible to take a train to (Cleveland), Cleveland, to Water Taxi (tickets can be purchased directly at the pier or on board); If it's a family trip, the car can go to the island together with the larger Red Cat (shipping tickets are recommended to book online in advance). In addition, the northwest town of Ametipoint (Amity Point) has ferries to and from Morton Island, while the northeastern town of Pointlukot (Point Lookout) has a small number of accommodations.


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Australia - Queensland
Attraction - Beach
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