Do all kangaroos look the same? A sticker teaches you how to recognize them.

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Kangaroo, as a unique animal in Australia, is already very mysterious. However, there are 55 species of kangaroos, gray kangaroos, gerbils and short-t...

Kangaroo, as a unique animal in Australia, is already very mysterious. However, there are 55 species of kangaroos, gray kangaroos, gerbils and short-tailed kangaroos in Australia. Can you tell the sprouts of these jumps on Ocean Road, kangaroo Island, Tasmania Island, Flinders range? Let`s approach science today and teach you how to recognize them.

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The strongest red kangaroo. 

Red kangaroo is the big man in kangaroo and the largest kangaroo mammal in the world. Red kangaroos are red kangaroos because their males have thick reddish-brown short hair, their lower body and limbs are yellow-brown hair, their ears are long, the female red kangaroo is a little smaller than a male, and their outer skin is a little red. But most of them are smoke blue.

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How do I see a red kangaroo?

Red kangaroos inhabit the arid interior of central Australia and the vast plains where fewer trees grow. They go to bed and rest in the morning and at night when they come out.

Long jump champion gray kangaroo 

Grey kangaroos have similar morphological characteristics to red kangaroos, but small, about 110-130cm height, gray kangaroo fur is gray, but sometimes looks more like silver. They are very good at jumping, in some cases can jump up 1.5 × 1.8 m, and jump over the distance of 7m-8m.

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How do I see a gray kangaroo?

Gray Kangaroo mainly lives in bushes, they are born in the south and west of Australia, but now can be seen in the east.

It`s not a common gerbils. 

Kangaroo (Wallaby) is a combination of several medium-sized kangaroos, including the likes to jump around in canyons and perch among water rocks all the year round. The brown-gray kangaroo (rock wallaby), has its body color. Rabbit kangaroo (hare wallabies), which is very similar in size to rabbit, and (Wallabia bicolor Swamp Wallaby)., a black-tailed kangaroo with large head and small eyes, with reddish-brown body hai

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How do I see a sandbag mouse?

Kangaroos are often found in canyons, but the kangaroos are extremely rare and some species are on the verge of extinction. Rabbit sandbags live in Tasmania, while black-tailed kangaroos are found in forests, thickets, grasslands and swamps in eastern Australia and southeast Australia.

A tree kangaroo holding a tree 

Tree kangaroo (Tree-kangaroo), as its name implies, is a kangaroo that lives in trees all the year round, so tree kangaroos have a long tail to keep balance, while their forelimbs are strong to adapt to climbing. The tree kangaroo moves slowly and clumsily on the ground, but it is flexible to return to the tree and leap through the jungle.

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How do I see a tree kangaroo?

Tree kangaroos are found in the rainforests of northeast Queensland and adjacent islands, and most of them live in mountainous areas.

The smallest short-tailed kangaroo. 

Short-tailed kangaroo (Quokka) is one of the smallest kangaroos. It is less than 60 cm tall and looks like a mouse. Most of them live on Rotenis Island in Western Australia. Because the silly, sweet face and smile are called "the happiest animals in the world", they are short and fat, with a short tail, short but developed legs, and 1.5 m jump.

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How do I see a short-tailed kangaroo?

Short-tailed kangaroos are most common in dense forests, open woodlands and thickets near freshwater areas, mainly in pristine forests around the city of Perth.

A good place to watch kangaroos in Australia 

Western Australia-lucky Bay (Lucky Bay)

Like Australians, kangaroos like to bask in the sun on the beach. It is not difficult to meet a kangaroo who likes to bask in the sun in Lucky Bay. It is the best time to meet them in the morning and at night. Editor`s friendship tip, watch kangaroo pay attention to sunscreen Oh!

Address: Lucky Bay Road, Esperance, Western Australia, 6450

Official website:

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Queensland-Hamilton Island (Hamilton Island)

Hamilton Island is a refuge for Australian wildlife. You just have to stand patiently and quietly on the side of the road for a while, and if you`re lucky, you can see kangaroos through the woods.

Address: Great Barrier Reef 20 Whitsunday Boulevard Hamilton Island Queensland 4803

Official website:

South Australia-Flinders range (Flinders Ranges)

There are endangered kangaroos, red kangaroos and gray kangaroos, who live in canyons, plains and range. If you have a chance to camp here, you will encounter a kangaroo.

Address: Wilpena Pound, Hawker, SA 5434

Official website:

Victoria-Beers Beach (Bells Beach)

In addition to appearing in 1991 movies, Balls Beach is also a good place to watch kangaroos. When the sun first comes out and is about to go down the mountain, it is time for kangaroos to come out and look for food. They also want to see kangaroos when they are hungry!

Address: Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia

Official website:

New Wales-Jess Bay (Jervis Bay)

Located in Jess Bay in southern New Wales, the kangaroos may live here because they see so many times that they are not afraid of humans. The gray kangaroos here often lie on the ground and sleep. If you meet a good-tempered kangaroo, you may also be able to set up pose photos!

Address: Jervis Bay Territory, New South Wales

Official website:

South Australia-kangaroo island (Kangaroo Island)

The kangaroo island, named after the kangaroo, is, of course, a lovely group of people. 1/3 of the kangaroo island is a national park and protected area, and it is not even allowed to drive during dawn and dusk kangaroo activities. It is a common thing to meet kangaroos here.

Address: Howard Drive, PENNESHAW SA 5222

Official website:

Western Australia-Janchep National Park (Yanchep National Park)

45 minutes from Perth, Yangchep National Park has more than a dozen places to look at the Kangaroo. In the day, they will rest under the shade, and when sunset will come out.

Address: Yanchep National Park YANCHEP

Official website:

Australian Capital Territory-Canberra

The Australian National Botanical Garden in Canberra has a lot of wild animals. In the morning you will see gray kangaroos jump on the grass, and when the sun rises, they will jump and sleep in the forest.

Address: Clunies Ross Street Acton ACT 2601

Official website:

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In Australia, people and kangaroos live in harmony, let go of me, I want to go to Australia!

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