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South Australia

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Australia - South Australia
Population unknown


South Australia (South Australia, stands for: SA) in the center of the southern coast of the Australian mainland, south of the Northern Territory and Queensland, west of New South Wales and Victoria, north of the Southern Ocean and Greater Australia Bay. With a coastline of 3700 km and a total border area of about 1043514 sq km, it is the only state on the Australian mainland bordering all states except the Australian Capital Territory, the capital city of Adelaide.

South Australia is one of the driest areas in the world, with the terrain dominated by range, grasslands and valleys, the wide distribution of deserts, the unique climatic and geographical environment, and the rich flora and fauna, constituting a unique natural landscape. South Australia is rich in dairy products. Wine and wheat, Australia's largest and most well-known wine production, is the famous "home of fish and rice".

Rich in travel resources, South Australia was selected by Lonely Planet (Lonely Planet) as a global destination in 2017 and was Australia's only selected area in late 2016.


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