Name: Port Stephens

Loc: Australia - New South Wales
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Addr: Port Stephens NSW 2319, Australia
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Introduction of Port Stephens

The Port Stephens is located in eastern New South Wales, north of Newcastle (Newcastle), the second-largest city in New South Wales, about 50 kilometers from Newcastle, and about 200 kilometers from Sydney, the capital of New Zealand.

The area of Port Stephens is so large that there are many picturesque towns scattered between (Tasman Sea) in the Tasman Sea and (Karuah River) in the Karoua River. (Nelson Bay), which is famous for its dolphins, and Anna's Bay (Anna Bay), known for its beach dunes, are two of the most well-known towns.

Port Stephens has "Blue Water Paradise" known as the, Port Stephens blue clear, broad, 26 large and small golden beaches around it, with its unique geographical environment formed a natural playground. With beautiful and unbridled blue seas and blue skies, unspoiled white beaches, charming bays, lakes and beautiful national parks, visitors can choose to dive, swim, water skiing, and water motorcycles at will. Lots of water sports such as sails and speedboats; You can also experience the super pleasure of sliding sand on the beaches, riding horses or camels, and even traveling between the vast beaches and sand dunes in a four-wheel drive and a beach car. The Gangan viewing platform (Gan Lookout) at Lily Hill Rd is the best place to condescending to Port Stephens.

Port Stephens has been hailed by locals as the "home of Australian dolphins," and more than 90 Australian dolphins have gathered in the sea all year round, making dolphin tours the most popular tour of Port Stephens. In addition to dolphins, Port Stevens can also watch whales in the winter and spring seasons.

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Port Stephens City

Nelson Bay
Population: 6k
Anna Bay
Population: 4k

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Reviews of Port Stephens

有好看的风景,还有好玩的项目:滑沙、骑骆驼、沙滩车…… 可以在这里疯玩一天,非常推荐。
悉尼南有Kiama,北有Port Stephens,都是美的让人心醉的地方,上帝太宠爱这块土地了

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