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Troubridge Island

Troubridge Island, South Australia, Australia

Introduction of Troubridge Island

Located on the south-eastern coast of (Yorke Peninsula) in southern Australia, Troubridge Island is part of the coastal town of Edithburgh, which is about 8 km from Edithburgh in a straight line. Troubridge Island is a sandy island with no permanent residents, a very small area and a maximum length of 500 metres. At 190 meters wide, there is a lighthouse on the island, formerly inhabited by lighthouse caretakers, now unattended. This is the paradise of birds, where wild birds inhabit and breed, including penguins, black-faced cormorants, Phoenix-headed terns, and so on. As sea levels rise due to rising temperatures, the islands are likely to disappear permanently in the near future and sink to the bottom of the sea.

Troubridge Island can only be reached by boat. Pets are banned from taking the island to protect the island's fragile ecology, and visitors need permission to land, but it also makes the island a true alien. Accommodations are provided on the island, and the former lighthouse caretaker's hut has been modernised to provide complete living facilities to provide idyllic leisure for visitors living here.


  • Permission is required to land on the island. Please contact (Natural Resource Centre), Natural Resources Management Center in (Innes National Park), Irns National Park, for permission to board the island and contact accommodation and vessel transport on the island. Contact: (61 8) 8854 3200 address: CMB Stenhouse Bay,SA,5575 or York Peninsula tourist Centre, Tel: 1800 202 445

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Australia - South Australia
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