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Zanoni Shipwreck

Introduction of Zanoni Shipwreck

Zanoni Shipwreck is located south-east of Ardrossan, a small town on the east coast of (Yorke Peninsula) Peninsula, west of Adelaide, South Australia, in the waters of (St. Vincent Gulf) in St. Vincent's Bay, about 15 kilometers from Ardrossan.

Zanoni Shipwreck is one of the best preserved shipwrecks in Australia, 18 metres deep. On its way to London in 1865, the 338-ton three-masted sailboat was stormed and sunk until 1983, when a local fisherman took two divers into the water in search of a suitable spot. The discovery of the sunken ship, which has been sleeping for more than a hundred years, has attracted many archaeologists to investigate and discover a large number of historical relics, some of which are open to the public at the Ardrossan National Trust Museum (Ardrossan National Trust Museum).

Zanoni Shipwreck is a resort for diving enthusiasts interested in exploring shipwrecks, and divers need permission from (Department of Environment and Natural Resources), the environment and natural resources department, in advance to visit the site.


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Australia - South Australia
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