Penguin Parade

Name: Penguin Parade

Loc: Australia - Victoria - Melbourne
Kind: Event
Rating: 10.0 / 10
Hot: 5.0 / 5     What is Hot Index?
Addr: 1019 Ventnor Rd, Summerlands VIC 3922, Australia
Tel: (03) 5951 2800
Fee: $25.1 for adults

Introduction of Penguin Parade

Philip Island (Phillip Island) is about 140km from the downtown area of Melbourne. The island is best known for its lovely wild penguins, so Philip Island is also known as Penguin Island. Philip Island is currently the world's largest wild penguin protection base, with more than 30,000 Australian and New Zealand unique small blue penguins living on the island, and has set up a tourist area on the island to allow visitors to observe the homing of small blue penguins at night. Attracting more than five hundred thousand visitors each year to see these lovely little ones, visitors can bring a unique experience never before.

The penguins on Philip Island are small blue penguins, the smallest penguins in the world, and unlike other common penguins, they have blue feathers. Small blue penguins grow only in Australia and New Zealand, usually only at night, gentle and timid, like to build nests in the sand dunes along the coast, go out in the day and night, go to sea during the day to search for food, and then return to their nests after dark. For thousands of years, the lovely little ones had followed a fixed route back to their homes, and because of the fear that the lights would frighten the timid guys, the beach on Philip Island would be subject to light control at night. The stalls, which are more than a thousand meters long, have only a few small bulbs in the tourist area.

Note: don't touch penguins, don't take photos and take pictures. In addition, Australia's temperature difference between morning and night is very large, usually very cold at night, especially in autumn and winter, pay attention to bring one more dress in case of cold or play experience affected by the temperature.

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