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Hamelin Pool Stromatolites

Hamelin Pool Rd, Hamelin Pool WA 6532, Australia

Introduction of Hamelin Pool Stromatolites

Hamelin Pool Stromatolites's World Natural Heritage Shark Bay (Shark Bay), in Western Australia is about 728km from Perth and 100km from (Denham), the main town of Shark Bay.

Hamelin Pool Stromatolites is the oldest fossil of life in the world. In an absolutely ordinary seaside, there is a wooden trestle extending into the calm sea, slightly different from the usual see, the trestle is built a little curly, and in the front and back of the trestle, a lot of introduction cards about this ancient heritage have been put up to guide tourists. Hamelin Pool Stromatolites is the very unremarkable stones on the bottom of the sea, and these stones are alive. When the tide is quiet, you can see these stones constantly puffing bubbles, so they are called breathing stones.

Blue algae in seawater mainly absorb and precipitate minerals in the process of growth and metabolism to form laminated organic deposits. the structure is usually composed of a layer of debris layer and an organic layer alternately superimposed. These stromatolites are all over 2.5 billion years old and grow at an incredible rate of 0.33 mm per year. The structure is usually composed of one layer of debris layer and one layer of organic layer alternately. The age of these stromatolites is more than 2.5 billion years, and the growth rate is only 0.33 mm per year, which is unbelievably slow. This kind of thing, which takes hundreds of millions of years to calculate life expectancy, has become a geological treasure in archaeology. Many experts are also looking to find the living genes of dinosaurs from these stromatolites, and they have heard that they are also looking for the microorganism to prove the existence of life on Mars. According to the data, Archean stromatolites have only been found on Earth in 11 different mainland sites in Australia, North America and South Africa. Shark Bay is one of only two places alive and continues to grow. Shark Bay is one of them, and the area left here is the largest. Walking from the coast to the sea, you can see several different kinds of stromatolites and growing periods, close to the shore are grouped, with a layer of red called a red hat, which looks like a big cake that is overcracked in the oven. As for the stromatolite, which still has the phenomenon of life, there are clusters of black cauliflower under the water. The back of the tide will reveal the sea. There is an ancient telegram station near the stacking stone of HarMerrill Lynch. It is said that when Australia began to build a telegram network in 1850, one of the westernmost telegrams of mainland is now a cable museum. Specimens of stromatolites can also be seen, tourists can also find old house made of shell limestone brick, and these old buildings have become out of print. When Shark Bay was selected as a World Heritage site, it became a protected area, and no one was allowed to use shells to make house again.


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