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Federation Square

Swanston St & Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Introduction of Federation Square

Federation Square is located in Victoria's capital Melbourne, is the largest public square in Melbourne, covering an area of 3.2 hectares, located in theala River (Yarra River) in the heart of the city.

Federation Square is one of the most complex and ambitious construction projects in Australia. The Federation Square, which covers a whole block, is a surreal and abstract style, unique in color and style, imbued with a strong indigenous Australian culture, and reflects the respect of Australian nationals for long-standing indigenous culture and the ancestors of indigenous peoples. Its distinctive and bold design style, by the hands of the Lab Architects (Lab Architecture) and the Australian Bates Smart Architectural Design Office, is internationally recognized as one of the largest public squares in the world.

Federation Square is one of the hot spots for Melbourne and others to meet, especially the visitor center in the square. There are a variety of celebrations throughout the year and one of the classic places to Melbourne the countdown to the New Year's Eve. In addition, the huge screen here is often open live broadcast important sporting events such as the final of the Australian Open, the final of the Australian Football Finals, the opening and closing of the major international games, and so on. Many tourists and local residents like to gather here. The square, which was once the office building of the Australian Gas Company between 1960 and the mid-1990s, was demolished and built in the present Federation Square.1997. Victoria government organized an international competition to plan the reconstruction programme, received 177 designs, and the design of a London designer was adopted, and its design evolved into the present Federation Square.

Built in Federation Square2002 year, it is a hybrid multi-functional venue with a seating capacity of 35,000 people, as well as cultural and commercial buildings, office buildings, studios, galleries, and many restaurants, cafes and shops. Here you can watch the performance of street entertainers, play with pigeons on the lawn, and feel the breath of Melbourne modern art. Visitors can collect tourist brochures, purchase souvenirs and so on at the tourist center. The perimeter includes the following six main sites:

  • Ian Potter Centre: The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia: named after a late Australian philanthropist, this is the seat of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV Australia), which includes 20 Multiple exhibition halls, including exhibition halls dedicated to the collection of art, photography, painting, weaving and decorative arts of indigenous people and Torres Strait Islanders;
  • Australian Activity Imaging Centre (ACMI): A collection of information on various active images, including film, television and digital culture. (a) The holding of various award-winning exhibitions, film festivals, creative studios and a permanent exhibition ," The Screen World: The Story of Film, Television and Digital Culture ";
  • The National Gallery Children's Recreation Area is an activity area for children and their families where they can engage in creative installation activities and other activities specially designed for them;
  • Australian Association of Commercial Art Museums (ACGA): It is a national institution of commercial art galleries throughout Australia, where new exhibitions are held every two weeks;
  • Federal Historic Stories Gallery: This free, interactive exhibition, located on the main gallery (Atrium Balcony), continues to revisit the founding process of the Commonwealth of Australia and some important moments in history;
  • Melbourne Visitor Centre (Melbourne Visitor Centre): Provides visitors with extensive information on the tour Melbourne and Victoria, on-site help to answer all Victoria travel questions.


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