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Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia WA 6537, Australia

Introduction of Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia (Monkey Mia, (Monkey Mia) is a holiday beach in (Shark Bay) Bay, the World Natural Heritage Bay, Western Australia, about 850km from Perth and about 25km from (Denham), the main town of Shark Bay.

Monkey Mia is a must for family trips and nature-loving tourists. The lovely name resort is best known not for monkeys, but for docile and smart, wide-kissed dolphins: the only marine mammals known to be able to use tools use sponges to protect their mouths when searching for food on the sandy seafloor. The town is famous for these lovely elves, where dolphins swim to the seaside almost every day to interact with people, seven dolphins visit regularly, while the remaining 20 or so visit occasionally. Tourists can feed the dolphins under the guidance of their staff, try to make friends with them, and have several rounds of dolphin feeding activities every day. Australian Environmental Protection Agency officials will monitor the entire feeding process to ensure the safety and health of dolphins.



  • Dolphin watching time is 7:45 every morning, dolphins will arrive on time in the resort near Jetty, staff will feed, the rest of the time may also see dolphins, but there is no guarantee, look at luck;
  • The resort has bars, restaurants, and a variety of recreational activities, including canoeing, kayaking, sailing out to sea, etc., in the resort can consult the help desk;
  • There are a lot of flies in the resort. They can keep an eye on people and can't get rid of them. It's very annoying. The fly veil is very practical.


  • adult: $12

Australia - Western Australia
Attraction - Theme Park
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