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Maguk, Kakadu National Park, Kakadu Hwy, Jabiru NT 0886, Australia

Introduction of Maguk

Maguk is located in the North Territory's world cultural and natural heritage south of Kakadu National Park (Kakadu National Park).

Every year during the rainy season, for half a year, torrential rains flood large areas of the south and hide all roads below the waterline. It is not until the dry season that floods rapidly recede into streams or shallow lakes. Even Australians, unless they are willing to explore or do their homework, rarely drive around in Maguk., south of Kakadu But that one-and-a-half-hour walk was a glimpse of the unusual inner side of Kakadu National Park. The dry season was full of thirst, and there were deep springs here, and the water was so prosperous that it led to a mountain and stream alone, nourishing a rainforest at the foot of the mountain and growing up to nearly four storeys of trees. The walking path is not far from the mountain stream, a little closer to see the depth of the blue color. Over a hill, you can see the stream of spring water pouring down the mountain, and before the cliff fell, two huge blue holes were poured into the sag at the foot of the hill. Below the cliff, as if a deep pool of jade plate, trapped in bright orange between the mountains and rocks, no surprise. Particularly rare, Maguk has become one of the few natural swimming pools in Kakadu National Park because of the shallow nature of the mountain stream and the large number of stone beaches along the road, where crocodiles are everywhere in Kakadu's waters and cannot be reached by crocodiles.


  • Tickets are required to enter Kakadu National Park, please refer to the Kakadu National Park page.

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Australia - Northern Territory
Attraction - Natural
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