Carrington Falls

Name: Carrington Falls

Loc: Australia - New South Wales - Kiama
Rating: 7.5 / 10
Hot: 3.0 / 5     What is Hot Index?
Addr: Carrington Falls NSW 2577, Australia
With access all day
Fee: Free

Introduction of Carrington Falls

Carrington Falls is located northwest of Boudreau National Park in southeastern New South Wales, about 10 kilometers from (Robertson), the nearest town to Carrington Falls and about 35 kilometers from the famous vacation town of Kiama.

Carrington Falls is 50 meters apart and spectacular, with pools and rock ponds near the waterfall. Some people regard Carrington Falls as one of the most beautiful places on the south coast. (Carrington Falls picnic area), also known as the Thomas Square (Thomas Place), has three viewing platforms to enjoy the waterfall. The circular walkway takes 25 minutes to finish.

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Hotels near Carrington Falls

The Robertson Hotel
From: 165.0 AUD
Distance: 7.9 km
Highlands Getaways
From: 126.5 AUD
Distance: 8.3 km
Robertson Country Motel
From: 117.0 AUD
Distance: 8.6 km
Drawing Rooms of Berry
From: 344.0 AUD
Distance: 8.7 km
Greengate Bed and Breakfast
From: 130.0 to 180.0 AUD
Distance: 9 km
Heggy's Cottage
From: 199.0 AUD
Distance: 9.5 km
Wilderberry Cottage
From: 280.0 AUD
Distance: 10.4 km
From: 380.0 AUD
Distance: 10.5 km

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