Introduction of Wallaroo

Wallaroo is a small town on the northwest coast of (Yorke Peninsula), west of Adelaide, about 158km from Adelaide. About 18 kilometer (s) from Monta (Moonta). Wallaroo, a seaport town named after the larger Australian-specific kangaroo Wallaroo, is a deep-water port with a permanent population of more than 3000.Wallaroo with a copper mining background. A historic town where people have settled since 1851, and with the discovery of copper mines in 1859, miners flocked to form a large-scale town. Wallaroo has so many fascinating historic buildings. The site of the copper smelter is best known.

The historic buildings worth seeing in the small town of Wallaroo are:

  • Wallaroo Customs (Wallaroo Customs House) on Jetty Road
  • Wallaroo railway station on John Terrace (Wallaroo railway station) and old Wallaroo police station (Old Wallaroo Police Station and Dwelling)
  • Wallaroo Court (Wallaroo Courthouse) on Lydia Terrace
  • Wallaroo Methodist Church on Stirling Road (Wallaroo Wesleyan Methodist Church)

Additional attraction points:

  • The Wallaroo Museum of History and Navigation in Jetty Road, (Wallaroo Heritage and Nautical Museum), was transformed by a post office founded in 1865. The treasure of the town hall is a square-sailed English ancient sailboat and an 8. 5-meter-long specimen of George's giant squid.

Visitor centre of Wallaroo

  • Addr: 50 Moonta Rd, Matta Flat SA 5554
  • Tel: (08) 8821 2333
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Hotels of Wallaroo

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