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Moonta is the coastal town of (Moonta) on the northwest coast of (Yorke Peninsula) in southern Australia, about 162km by car from Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, with a permanent population of about 4000.

Moonta is built on the sea, with beautiful scenery, clear sea water and lively beaches, beaches can swim and dive, the sea below the trestle path can often see the devil fish swimming around. In addition, Moonta is a small town with a long history, inhabited by aborigines prior to the arrival of white Europeans on the Australian mainland, because it has a number of buildings that are listed as historical heritage, such as:

  • All Saints Anglican Church and Moonta Masonic Hall on Blanche Terrace
  • Bank of South Australia Building and Moonta School of Mines on Ellen Street
  • Moonta Railway Station on Kadina Road

Additional attraction points:

  • The Moonta Beach Trek Road (Moonta Bay Jetty) and the beach sunset are spectacular and must not be missed;
  • The Splash Town Water Park, located at 167 Bay Rd, is open every summer (October-April) and is suitable for children.
  • The Moonta Mining Museum, (Moonta Mines Museum), in Verran Terrace exhibits historical archives and exhibits related to the local mining industry;
  • The train, located next to the Mine Museum, opens three weeks a week, Saturday, Sunday, and runs around the mining sites of that year for about an hour, while the driver talks about mining history and knowledge. Visitors who are interested in this area can experience it.
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