Tazhou cuisine: I hear that the abalone in the state of the tower is bigger than the face, and the cherry is bigger than the eye?

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It`s a very important thing to eat in the state. In addition to the well-known fresh and sweet vehicle, Tazhou also has a lot of special food and food experience to explore. Today, the little tower is taking all of you together in Tasmania, picking up the fruits!

It`s a very important thing to eat in the state. In addition to the well-known fresh and sweet vehicle, Tazhou also has a lot of special food and food experience to explore. Today, the little tower is taking all of you together in Tasmania, picking up the fruits!

01, seafood 

Speaking of Tasmania, it`s natural to think of the fresh juicy seafood. As the largest island in Australia, "to be in the sea" `s Tazhou is a well-known source of production. The excellent natural environment and excellent water quality make the quality of the seafood here, and if you can eat the fresh abalone and the sea urchin on a fresh catch, it`s a great value for the Tazhou!

A Journey to the Wild Seafood in Tasmania

Tasmanian Wild Sea Adventures will open a seafood feast for you. The tour group, from the Hobart waterfront, will be able to capture the sea urchin from the bottom of the sea through the screen shot by the underwater camera, and they will be your dish. Also take you to the oyster farm, try fresh oysters, and enjoy the seafood, such as lobster, abalone and salmon. After dinner, you`ll have to taste the cheese and soft candy in the state.

The luxury boat has only 12 people. The boat has warm indoor seats and outdoor seats to cover the storm.

Address: Hobart Wharf,2 Franklin Wharf, Hobart

Tel: 0458 797947


Tasmanian seafood gluttonous tour.

It`s your best choice to get to the state or to try fresh seafood, Tasmanian Seafood Sedation. The cook will cook for you on the boat with the lobster and the raw seafood. In addition, the crew will now pay attention to the freshest of the wild abalone and the sea urchin, that is, the real good experience to think about.

地址: Dock Head Building, Franklin Wharf, Hobart

Tel: (03)6234 4270


Bartholeian Plant

Barilla Bay Oyers, located in Hobart, can`t miss it. The bay is calm. It is suitable for the breeding of raw water. The culturists are in charge of it. The overshot students must be selected in several ways, and they will be sent to the market for sale. The rest of it is put back in the sea to draw more nutrients. This is the reason that the raw material of this place can be made in the soft and delicate taste and the fine quality of the tower.

With a total area of 15 hectares, the Baria oyster plant produces more than 7 million oysters a year and has guided tours on Thursdays and Sundays.

Business hours: shops 9:30-17:00, lunch 11:30-14:30, dinner (Friday/6)17:30-20:00

Tel.:03 6248 5458

地址: Barilla Bay Seafoods, 1388 Tasman Highway, Cambridge


Fissene oyster farm

(Freycinet Marine Farm), the Fissene oyster farm, has raised two of the most famous Tasmanian oysters, one called Pacific, which tastes salty and fat, and the other, Angasi.

The volume is larger and the taste is fine. The old lady said the Chinese people were all in love

Pacific. The farm is located on the Fressey Peninsula, 2.5 hours northeast of Hobart, where you can taste the best fresh seafood in Tasmania-you can eat it on deck or you can pack it up and take it with you.

Business hours:9:00-17:00 (10:00-16:00 in winter)

Tel: (03)6257 0140

Address: 1784 Coles Bay Rd, Coles Bay


Get Shucked

Get Shucked at the Bruny Island is a high-quaead, providing fresh Pacific raw materials for a number of restaurants, processing and packaging the finished raw materials at the processing and packaging them to other places. There is no fancy packaging, instant, instant, original and cost-effective, you must not miss it!

Business hours: 9 / 30 / 16 / 30

Tel.:0439 303 597

地址: Lease 204, 1735 Bruny Island Main Road,


41° South Salmon Farm & Ginseng Farm

41 ° South Tasmania is one of the most unique tourist attractions in Tasmania, which is located in the Tasmania World Heritage site, where you can reach the Salmon farm, the ginseng farm and the wetland near Delorine by driving 45 minutes from the Devonport. There`s a cafe for lunch, and there`s also a beer-made Salmon Burger.

Of course, when it comes to seafood, the most anticipated here are salmon farms and ginseng farms. The salmon farm here is an inland fishing ground surrounded by a dense Tasmanian jungle and 500 meters away

Montanana Falls, because of the geographical condition, it`s feeding the salmon`s water from the cold and original fresh water from the Monana Falls.

The farm, which has a total of 20 freshwater ponds, is home to 10000 salmon, large and small, as small as 10 centimeters long and 45 centimeters long at different growth stages. In Tasmania, salmon are usually cultured in salty seawater after hatching in fresh water, but 41 °South Tasmania salmon are different, they have always grown in fresh water.

Visit here by way of self-help tour, walk in the wetland or visit the waterfall, of course, can also sign up to participate in more than 10 people bus tour, tour guides even provide Mandarin and Cantonese services!

Business hours: November to March 9 / 00 17 / 00, April-October 9 / 00 / 16 / 00

Tel: (03)6362 4130

Address: 3232Montana Road (C164), Deloraine / Red Hills


Hursey Seafood

Would you like some delicious lobster? Then come to Hursey Seafood Restaurant! Founded in 1987, it was renovated in 2015 and now has 100 dining seats overlooking the bay.

The restaurant offers a variety of seafood, and nine of them will open to the original waters to capture these delicious seafood, including the South Rock lobster, the giant crab, the White Spot and other local reef fish. The point is that their lobsters will be stored in the water tank after their arrest, which makes it possible for lobster to be supplied all the year round.

Of course, don`t think there`s only seafood here. They also offer (Cape Grim) steak and local Nichols chicken. The restaurant is also humanized to provide a specific area for family group dinners, and there is a takeout area downstairs in the lobby, in short, to meet the requirements of all kinds of diners.

Business hours:11:30,19:15, in-store lunch 12:00,14:15, in-store dinner 17:15:19:15

Tel:03 6458 1103

Address:2 Alexander Terrace, Stanley


02, strawberry 

Have you eaten the seafood, what will you have for dessert after dinner? Don`t forget all the fresh fruit of the state! In the beautiful orchard, become a fruit farmer, pick strawberries, blueberries, and raspberry by hand, then sit in the window to drink a glass of fruit wine made of these fresh fruits, enjoy a good harvest, such a travel experience will be the most beautiful color for your travel.

Samu strawberry garden

At the center of the beautiful tower of the Tama Valley, the Hillwood Strawn Farm is well suited for family play. You can pick up fresh berries, such as strawberries and blackberries, and enjoy the different style of the fruit farmers; picking strawberries with their hands is also a romantic matter! In addition to experience fresh fruit, such as strawberry, raspberry, and that like, fruit derivatives such as fruit wine, liqueur, jam, fruit vinegar, and the like can also be tasted and purchased. The small tower is especially recommended to have to taste the sign super-luxury Saint-

Business Hours: Open according to the season. Please check the official website for specific time.

Tel:03 6394 8180

地址: 105 Hillwood Road(directly off East Tamar Hwy), Hillwood

Web site:

Christmas Mountain raspberry orchard

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm, which was built in 1984, has now been developed to serve as an orchard for the main production of cranberry. Rubus berry ice cream, cranberry, and cranberry pudding. Everything about the red berries has everything you need, and it must be your eye-opener.

Open from 7:00 to 17:00.

Tel: (03) 6362 2186

Address:9 Christmas Hills Road, Elizabeth Town, Tasmania,7304

Web site:

Kathy Raspberry Paradise

Kates & # 39; Berry Farm, the town of Swansea, the east coast of the state, is a good place for a while. The strawberries in the orchard are bright red, very fresh! The coffee room in the garden also provides a limited amount of chocolate, cake, etc. made by the owner. It is recommended to have an afternoon tea and stay on the journey.

Business hours:9:30,16:30, July 22 to September 13, and holidays closed

Tel:03 6257 8428

Address: 12 Addison St, Swansea TAS, 7190.

Web site:

Orani Vineyard

Orani Vineyard, a half-hour drive from Hobart, is not only a winery, but also a large orchards, charters, apricot, strawberry and fig.

Business hours:8:30 to 18:30 (close at Christmas)

Tel: (03) 6265 1849

Address: 394 Arthur Highway, Sorell


Sorell Fruit Farm

The naturally ripe fresh sweet fruit on the tree is often difficult to control. Every October to March of the following year, go to (Sorell Fruit Farm), a fast orchard near Habart airport, to pick delicious berries by hand! Cherry, strawberry, berry, apricot peach, apple and so on, are waiting for you!

Imagine that after a pleasant picking, the full basket of strawberries and currants, and fresh hand-made jams spread on the toast. What a wonderful spring-day trip-Don`t forget to take some fresh jam as a companion, and believe your friends will love it!

Business hours: 10 / 00 / 16 / 00 from October to April of the following yea

Tel: 61 6265 3100

Address: 174 Pawleena Road, Sorell 7172


Pulchella Berry Farm

Pulchella Berry Farm is a boutique farm that grows raspberries and some seasonal agricultural products. It is run by Adam (Adam) and Laura Laura-Kate and is located in Great Eastern Drive. When you drive by, stop and taste Tassie sweet berries to relieve driving fatigue.

The stalls at the farm were filled with seasonal fruit-raspberries, blueberries, mulberries, peaches, tomatoes, potatoes, eggs, jam, honey and garlic. The farm is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9: 00 a.m. to 5: 00 p.m. Come here for a relaxing weekend. You can sit down at the picnic table or put a carpet on the lawn to enjoy the time.

Business hours: depending on the harvest season of the fruit, please check the official website before visiting

Tel: 61 428 280 501

Address: 5598 Tasman Highway Buckland 7190


Coal River Farm

The Coal River Farm, located in the Coal River Valley, is a newly opened farm, run by the local hotel operator Daniel and Melanie Leesong, designed to meet the needs of the growing real farm experience of visitors, and that`s right. You can drink in the farm.

Visitors can watch the local chocolate master on the farm to create a sweet-to-heart process that can be served in the cafe for breakfast or lunch, and can also taste the delicate cheese made by the process cheese maker. In addition, it is also possible to watch the animals in the farm, such as pigs, chickens and the like, and to pick the fruit in person at the time of the season. A rich variety of activities will allow you to spend a full day and forget it!

Business hours:9:00 to 16:00

Tel.:03 6248 4960

地址: 634 Richmond Road, Cambridge(霍巴特周边)


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