Brief introduction to (Greyhound Australia), Greyhound bus with Copper Plate to easily play around Australia and Greyhound bus

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Greyhound bus is the largest long-distance bus service in Australia. It has a history of more than 100 years since A.A. Withers Bus Company began in Melbourne in 1905. Greyhound buses serve everywhere in Australia, and as Australia's leading bus company network across the country, it operates more than 1100 destinations a day, with routes across all states and territories in Australia except Tasma...

Brief introduction of Greyhound bus 

Greyhound bus (Greyhound Australia) is Australia`s largest long-distance bus service provider. It has a history of more than 100 years since A.A. Withers Bus Company began in Melbourne in 1905.

Schematic diagram of greyhound history

Greyhound buses serve all over Australia and have more options than railways! As Australia`s leading bus company network across the country, it operates more than 1100 destinations every day, with routes in all states and territories except Tasmania.

Greyhound bus

Whether on popular or remote routes, there are buses to all parts of Australia every day! Not only provide long-distance bus travel, but also sightseeing services, flaunting five-star services, due to a long history of experience, understand the characteristics and activities of various scenic spots in Australia, the driver of the service, they are the master of everything in Australia.

Greyhound bus provides passengers with the most comfortable ride environment, the best possible conditions to give passengers the best quality service, and the best supporting facilities.

A spacious leather seat comparable to first class

Equipped with free WiFi and restroom to meet the necessary needs of passengers to make the journey easie

Equipped with USB charging port, you don`t have to worry about the phone running out of power anymore.

A Survey of Greyhound bus products 

1, point-to-point day ticket (Day Ticket)

A single ticket purchased by starting and ending points is suitable for 100% friends who determine their destination, such as to and from Brisbane-Gold Coast. Divided into adult tickets and children`s tickets, each adult can carry one child (15% discount for adult tickets), buy a baby ticket (occupied seat) at half price, and take another baby free of charge (no seat).

A look at some of the popular routes:

2. Explorer pass (Whimit)

Buy according to time, unlimited mileage, unlimited number of times, divided into 3 days / 5 days / 7 days / 15 days / 30 days / 60 days / 90 days / 120 days / 365 days and so on (of which 3 / 5 / 7 days pass is Greyhogs company to provide special products for the Chinese market, tourists from other countries can not enjoy oh), after purchase can start at any time in a year, the date begins to calculate from the first ride. Passengers can arrange their own travel routes, can take Greyhound bus unlimited number of times to any station within the time limit, the farther the more cost-effective, is very suitable for passengers who want to cross many cities. The explorer pass has no children`s ticket, and the child is bought at the adult price.

3, follow up with the pass (Hop on Hop off Pass)

The biggest difference between the long distance pass purchased according to the starting point and the end point is that the starting point and the end point are fixed, and can only take one way one way (can not travel back and forth). Any time after purchase can start at any time within half a year, and it will be valid for 90 days from the first time. No children`s tickets are available with the following pass, and children are purchased at adult prices.

At present, the following pass routes are set up:

  • Sydney Keynes
  • Brisbane Keynes
  • Melbourne Keynes
  • Melbourne Brisbane
  • Sydney Brisbane

Recently, Greyhound buses have added many imported buses, with wide and comfortable seats with full leather convertible angles, tall and wide windows and wide seat spacing, making them the most luxurious and modern tour bus fleet on Australian roads at present. There are also spacious bathrooms / bathrooms and water drinkers, as well as free wireless broadband Internet and seat USB charging Jack to facilitate passengers to search and read information on the Internet while on the road, instant messaging with relatives and friends, which is very convenient for modern passengers to travel and travel. No matter where you are in Australia, greyhogs are always there for you, just like your good friends, wherever you want to go!

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