Easily play Australia with copper: brief introduction of greyhound bus (GreyHound)

[Free Tour]     2019-06-23
The best helper in Australia has a history of more than 100 years. Australia`s only national long-distance bus company, Greyhound, operates 365 days. ...

The best helper in Australia has a history of more than 100 years. Australia`s only national long-distance bus company, Greyhound, operates 365 days. In 1905, A.A. Withers Bus Company started in Melbourne and served all over Australia. There are more options than railways!

Whether on popular or remote routes, there are buses to all parts of Australia every day! Not only provide long-distance bus travel, but also sightseeing services, flaunting five-star services, due to a long history of experience, understand the characteristics and activities of various scenic spots in Australia, the driver of the service, they are the master of everything in Australia. At present, the ticket products are as follows:

1, day PASS/ tickets are suitable for 100 per cent destination-determined friends, such as returning to and from Brisbane-Gold Coast.

There are one way and round trip tickets. FLEXI, saving money SAVER and children`s tickets.

2, KILOMETER PASSES/ miles pass is suitable for long time backpackers

The effective period after ticket purchase is 6 months (one year after the start of the trip). Passengers can arrange their own travel plans for the number of kilometers purchased according to the number of kilometers, get on and off the bus at will on the way, and take a bus back and forth on the way, which is very suitable for passengers who want to cross many cities. The more miles they buy at a time, the less money they will save. Not only can hitchhike, the number of kilometers can be converted into cash use, in exchange for tourist tickets and Ostel-Hostel accommodation, a card in the hands of everything! The maximum storage value can reach 25000 kilometers at a time.

3, hop ON HOP OFF PASSES/ long-term pass is suitable for a clear planning route, such as from Keynes to Melbourne

The validity period after ticket purchase is 6 months (90 days after the start of the trip). The biggest difference between the long distance pass purchased according to the starting point and the end point is that the one-way pass must be one-way (can not travel back and forth). If you accidentally expire soon, you can pay an additional $30 to extend the validity period for six months.

4, short HOP PASSES/ short pass tickets are suitable for short-term travelers, such as Sydney to Canberra

The ticket is valid for 6 months (valid 30 days after the start of the trip). According to the short-term pass purchased at the beginning and end, the usage is much the same as the long-term pass. There is a close service that will expire soon, and an additional $20 can extend the validity period to 60 days.

5, the monthly ticket to commit PASS/ is suitable for people who go back and forth at a fixed point.

Similar to the general monthly ticket, set two points back and forth, purchase the monthly ticket can be an economic benefit.

Recently, Greyhound buses have added many imported buses, with wide and comfortable seats with full leather convertible angles, tall and wide windows and wide seat spacing, making them the most luxurious and modern tour bus fleet on Australian roads at present. There are also spacious bathrooms / bathrooms and water drinkers, as well as free wireless broadband Internet and seat USB charging Jack to facilitate passengers to search and read information on the Internet while on the road, instant messaging with relatives and friends, which is very convenient for modern passengers to travel and travel. No matter where you are in Australia, greyhogs are always there for you, just like your good friends, wherever you want to go!

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